Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mike Baggz's "Mike Baggz Presents: Catch 22" review

NEW YORK STAND UP FOR YA BOI!!! Mike Baggz is coming to get some money to fill up dem duffle bagz. Somebody please sign him quick because its obvious he is serous about his grind and good at it. I visited his website and did a lil research and this is an artist with a great back story and the will to make it big. Track 4- "Numbers In My Pockets", is motivation for all of us to stay grinding.

This is a great mixtape. I really enjoyed his up tempo sound and well written lyrics. What I really liked is he has a professionally made website. I'm surprised that more artist don't have one. After reading his bio I had a different perspective and I appreciated him more. Although I don't own any Apple products I will purchase his new album as soon as I can but I got bills and no job except asking people for $1 donations.

After reading his bio it stated that he was in foster care. I have a real special place in my heart for people that go through that because NOBODY shouldn't be raised by their own parents. Usually people who are a ward of the state are better at their craft and grind harder in life because they don't have rich parents to provide for them. They have no option but to always win. Stay on yo grind Mike Baggz and always get it in.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this as a free service and if anyone wants me to review their work I do it free but we all need to eat so if you could a $1 donation to my Paypal would go a very long way. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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