Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chedda Da Connect's "Chedda World" review

Alright now, Chedda Da Connect teams up with DJ Scream and comes in with a super swagged up mixtape for all yall to know whats up. After hearing this, there is no doubt you will be an instant fan of him for years to come. No one hit wonder around these parts, and he is sure to keep his success coming with joints like Track 05- "Diamonds" ft. Kirko Bangz; prod. Lyton Scott.

Honestly I just downloaded this mixtape out of pure curiosity. We all know his current hit "Flicka Da Wrist" that is currently burning up the radio waves. When I first heard it I thought it was Young Thug's track, but after hearing this mixtape there is no way I will confuse the two. What I really like about this work is how he stays in the same swag. He stays on task and keeps you captivated with Track 13- "Scoring" ft. T. Wayne.

Really what makes this mixtape special is the beats. Chedda obviously knows how to select top notch tunes that will intrigue your inspirations. Plus he works with the best in the game, Zaytoven, and we all know when you work with him reward and prosperity is the result of your labor. Just relax and let this mixtape swag you up with Track 03- "Texas Tea" prod. Zaytoven.

I would be wrong if I didn't let yall know what's going on with me. I been working hard trying my best to ignore the haters and stay in my lane. It's alot of upgrades I'm trying to will better things into my life and everything takes patience and persistence. I want to thank all of yall that have supported me over the years. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Famous Dex's "Never Seen It Coming" review

Famous Dex teams teams up with DJ Amaris to release another premier swag for all the real folk to vibe to. Yall know I wouldn't suggest that you listen to garbage, so please makes sure that you tune into what Dex gotta say. He will always keep Chi Town niggs coasting and floating when they hear Track 08- "Duh Dummy"prod. G-Town Beats.

What I love the most about home grown artist is they all know how to keep it swaggin. It's just something that happens. We all be on our grown man shit and its all good. Works like this is just a sample of what this city has to offer and you will be witness to the greatness when you hear Track 01- " Your Fault" prod. By Scifi.

I try not to be biased, but I'm always willing to show love to some real niggs that keep it trill. SWAG! Yall know what I'm talking about. I never understand why anybody would not want to listen to what Chiraq has to offer. He always bunking and jumping. SWAG!!! I make sure that yall know how to come up on some serious $wag, and please believe you will when you hear Track 04- "Ring Ring" ft. Ayoo KD.

I have really been grinding and things are looking too good for me. Of course there will be some people that will do their part to try and stop you, but all you gotta do is keep swaggin and everything will swag. All  you gotta do is take care of your loved ones and stay on top of business. Your haters should be your motivators. Just keep swaggin and thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Billionaire Black's "Out The Blue" review

Awe Swag Swag, SWAG SWAG!!! Billionaire Black comes in with another swag to make sure that yall stay true to the streets. He never fails to make sure you have a good time, and please believe he has been on his grind. I have always loved what he offers and make sure that all Chiraq niggs come through and be on they swag shit. I really love this brother, and you will too when you hear Track 05- "Off The Drugs".

I have been tuning into what Billionaire what has to offer for years now. He has always done features for many top notch artist, on a numerous amount of tracks. Home grown artist know what it takes to come up and rise above all the no swag that goes on every day. We out here doing everything we can to survive, because anything can happen and eventually everybody dies. Just keep swaggin and you will feel him on Track 07- "Real Nigga" ft. Frenchie BSM.

Now what you really need to know about Billionaire is that he is a true nigg. He is the muthafuchin shit and you would be a damn fool to think otherwise. All Chicago niggs know what I'm talking bout because we all listen to his raw ass shit. I understand that not everybody is worthy of doing big shit, but Billionaire is different and has proven himself time and time again and deserve his proper crenditals. You will make sure you respect him when you hear Track 10- "The Sun".

I have been on some other swag right now. Things are cray cray and I had to make some moves, but please believe everything be swaggin. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I recently deleted my twitter page. Just trying to swag to different levels that will benefit me greatly, so if anybody would like to contact me just email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

King Louie's "Drilluminati 3" review

Alright now King Louie comes in with another swag for all the real savages to swag to. Y'all know what Im saying when I declare that this artist is one of the best that Chiraq has to offer. I have been swaggin with him from his early days and there is no denying why Louie has been so successful. This mixtape lives up to the hype and will having you swaggin all night with Track 07- "Live It Up" ft. Dreezy prod. D Brooks.

This is what I expect from Louie, since I heard the previous "Drilluminati 2". For some odd reason I never got around to write a review for him, but I got around to it eventually. He really gives you the truth about what goes on everyday in this city. Shit is crazy right now and its best to just be cool and stay outta  stupid shit. Just relax and listen to Track 09- " Where I Come From" prod. C Sick.

I really do my best to look out for local artist, but I have been pretty busy making some major changes. It's time to take what I do to the next level and become legit. Right now I'm just blogging, but I plan to become a public author in the future. It's alot that has to happen before everything gets swaggin, but I'm not worried. Just keep visiting and I will keep you intuned, so please enjoy everything I review. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.