Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rich The Kid's "Rich Than Famous" review

Rich The Kid comes in swagging stronger than ever with this new swagged up release. He never fails to bring you something to get you swaggin and stacking. Everybody gotta work for what they have, and everything is a swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Please know you will understand the hustle and grind, when you hear Track 12- "Work For It" prod. by Zaytoven.

I remember when I first saw Rich tweet this mixtape months ago. I appreciate that he actually followed through and released it on time. Alot of artist lead their fans on, and constantly push back the release date. A real professional stays on task and gets the job done. He sure did deliver with every track and made sure everything was swag. He makes sure to consistently keep going places like on Track 10- "On My Way" ft. Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel; prod. Zaytoven.

See the best thing about listing to Rich The Kid is he really is RICH $WAG!!! He is not lying, and when you listen to what he has to say you will understand. He is a story teller and his lyrics take you into his realm. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to stay $wagged Up, and it's not always pretty. When you come from rough roots it can be alot and you will hear that on Track 03- "From The Street" prod. Deko & OG Parker.

Now you are able to watch Rich's videos on MTV Jams on a regular. I even hear brothers playing it on their iPods and radios. His current hit "Trap" is remixed on this mixtape, and it's nothing but smooth sailing. Same here for me because I am getting more and more readers daily. Something is soon to swag. Thank you visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shy Glizzy's "Law 3: Now Or Never"

Shy Glizzy teamed up with DJ Drama and comes in with a masterpiece mixtape for all the swagged to swag to. I never listened to a Shy Glizzy mixtape before this one, but he had me enamored with his high pitched vocals and deeply thoughtful messages. He has much more to say than your regular street talk and you will hear on Track 12- "Better Day" ft. Goo Glizzy; prod. Trauma Tone.

I must point out how similar Shy sounds like Young Thug. They can be easily mistaken, because I originally thought his hit "Awesome" was Young Thug. They are two different swaggers and go hard on every track. I personally enjoy Glizzy better, simply because I dont have to search the lyrics online to understand him. Its all good because they both getting money and you can be sure of that when you hear Track 10- "Money" ft. Young Dolph; prod. Zaytoven.

I undetstand alot of people would not give an artist like Shy a chance. He is on here rapping about illegal drugs and street life. I personally have no clue what its like to be raised in the streets. What he does is bring you into the realities of real life. There are alot of people who feed thier family from illegal activies. We as a society tend to judge someone without first fully understanding thier situation. If we extended a helping hand instead of trying to lock them up then things could swag. You will feel where Young Jefe is coming from when you hear Track 09- "Handcuffs" prod. KE On The Track.

This is the second time I'm writing this review, because I accidently deleted it the first time. I am real dedicated to my craft and if any artist of any genera wants a review email me at Please only ask for mixtape reviews, and if you dont have one on a major site don't bother me. I only do mixtapes because they are free for my readers to download and listen. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fashawn & Alchemist's "FASH-ionably Late" review

Here goes a nice hip hop lyricist that has been doing his thing for some time. He had me swagging, and I had all kinds of fun listening. It may only be 7 tracks, but it's nothing wrong with this. This mixtape offers a variety of different genres sounding swag, and you will will his pain in Track 07- "Never Waiting In Vain".

It's nice to hear a new production from Alchemist. He has been producing strong for some time now and has always worked with top quality artist like 36 Mafia and what not. I never heard of Fashawn before, but he is legit with his proficiently versed messages. He goes strong on a nice jazz swag on Track 09- "Songs In F Major".

I read the comments and somebody posted "More Negro Raps". I totally disagree because this is a well crafted work. This is more so the quality rap that started hip hop from its roots. Also somebody had the nerve to say "Only 7 Tracks". I come across way too many mixtapes that have too many tracks. I have listened to this 3 times today, and every time it sounds nicer. These are mixtapes and nobody is paying to listen. 7-10 Tracks is all anybody needs to show your talents. Anything after that is a waste of my time, and starts to get stale. This work stays fresh from begging to end and you will stay entranced when you hear Track 04- "Amen"

Fashawn has other mixtape and I suggest you go listen, and stay in tuned for future releases. He now has a new fan, and I hope he follows me back on twitter, He is verified and I can't wait until I get my blue check. Everything takes time, so I will continue to swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jet Life's "Audio D" review

Here goes a swagged up mixtape from all the Jet Lifers for everybody to vibe to. This mixtape had a different feel, as opposed to your smooth tranquil sounding jazz swag. This was more of a early 90's UGK down south swag, but please believe it is top quality and will have you plugged in with joints like Track 02- "Wreckognize" ft. Curren$y.

This was released a few months ago, but I have been listening for some time now. At the time,Jet Life released so many mixtapes in a short time span. It was difficult to keep up. It's all swag because I have all of them in my library. I always show love for some fellow grinders. Everybody associated with them is masterfully talented, and you will hear on Track 08- "The Hustle" ft. Le$ & Smoke Dza.

I always try to make it to a show whenever Spitta comes into town. It would be nice if they did another Jet Life tour, and have it be exclusive to those artist affiliated. It really sucks when you go to a show and all the opening acts are a bunch of guys you have never heard of. It's like your standing around for hours, and it takes away from the overall enjoyment. I'm sure everything will swag and you will too when you hear Track 03- "Playa Stats" ft. Young Roddy. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Sean Brown's "Mascot 2" review

Here goes another swagged up artist sure to keep you zoned in from beginning to end. Sean Brown has released so many top notch mixtapes. I remember listening to "Whole Foods 2" and writing a review. He is multi talented, and can go hard on any kind of beat. You will witness when you listen to Track 06- "Throw".

I really like that he produces his own beats. Shows alot of prowess when an artist is able to be skilled at everything. I have never seen him on TV or heard him on the radio, but please be sure he is star in his own realm. He reps the West Coast and nobody out there is whackers. Just shows that the west coast has never fallen off, and you will know when you hear Track 02- "West Side" ft. Hi-Tuned.

I wrote in my last review that he should add more 'Turned Up' tracks. He did that plus some. I like it when an artist is flexible with his style, and able to stretch his ability to different sounds. He really doesn't hold back. He can go in on an original hip hop swag, or he might spazz out on some techno swag. You are unable to label his swag with any particular style, but that's all swag because he is in total command with his abilities. You will be sure none of this is mess up and fixed up with no flaws like in Track 13- "Mistakes" ft. Jean Castel; prod. Joey Castellani.

It's nice when I log on and see artist continue to grind. I know how important it is to keep going, because everybody gotta work. Like in Track 08- "Mula" you gotta be about making money or you gonna stay broke. I stay on my grind putting on the artist I appreciate. I used to ask for donations, but that's not necessary anymore. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rip City Rick's "Rise & Shine" review

Here goes a true artist that is sure to keep you in-tuned from begging to end. I was introduced to this from by my brother a few days ago and I was enamored by his proficient expertise. This is a work that deserves to be acknowledged and you will hear his capability in Track 06- "Spell".

I really enjoy being able to put a spotlight on an artist of his ingenuity. He has other mixtapes, and I'm sure all of them are just as nice as this one. I will be sure to be on the lookout for future works. He lyrics are structurally on point, and he keeps his message consistent through out the entire mixtape. If you don't believe me then listen to Track 12- "Long Time"

The only problem with this mixtape is I never heard of him before. This came out a few months ago, and I just came across it. If it wasn't for my brother, I would have no clue he existed. I have learned that if you don't spend most of your time promoting your work, then there is no point in doing it at all. Not everybody is gonna swag with what you have to offer, but that's all good because there are plenty more who will be willing to give it a chance. Sometimes the timing just isn't right, but when it is be prepared like in Track 13- "Ready Or Not" ft. Floss; prod. by SMASHA. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.