Saturday, September 10, 2022

Big Sean’s “DETRIOT” review

Dat boi Big Sean went HAM ON DIS TAPE!!! Another release from the boi dat stay working and earning.  All of his poetic lyrics are elevated and renovated. All of his works are greatly created. He tells a story that sways all debating. Listen to Track 17- “This I Life Should Go” ft. Wale, All I Know, Wiz Khalifa.

I have always been a fan of Big Sean for the long. His rhythmic delivery is smart and strong. He is a excellent story teller who’s message is never wrong. He educates everyone with the smartest advice on song, Track 7- “Mula” ft. French Montana, prod. Young Chop.

Big Sean is a top level mainstream earning artist. His previous success proves he’s super legit. Whenever you live it how you get it, you collect big digits. Best to comprehend and pay attention, then listen to Track 6- “Experimental” ft. Juicy J & King Chip, prod. Rami Desi. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.


Friday, September 2, 2022

DJ Khaled’s “God Did” review

Time and time again DJ Khaled tells us “We Da Best Music”, and he never fails to deliver. His entire career is stacked with success and prowess. This latest work is another notch that tallied all his lasting blesses, and you won’t forget when you hear Track-3 “USE THIS GOSPEL” ft.Kanye West & Enimen.

The collection of respect earned by DJ Khaled is ever mounting. He represents consistency with excellency. There is very few that can climb on top and stay there permanently. It’s no secret, you will believe it after listening to Track-11 “FAM GOOD, WE GOOD” ft. Gunna & Roddy Rich.

Staying on top is nothing simple. It’s achieved by putting in your best work and survival. Track-7 “STAYING ALIVE” ft. Drake & Lil Baby is factually proven testimony, so be grateful and live holy. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.