Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don Trip's "Randy Savage" review

The reason I choose to listen to this mixtape because I liked the title & it only had 10 tracks. I was like Hell Naw someone named a mixtape after a WWE wrestler. I was just hoping dat da shit didn't suck total ass & I was gon swag. SWAG SWAG!!! I don't know the significance that The Macho Man has with Don but he sure did swag on da mixtape with his continuous flow. He was really swaggin on Track 07- "Cream Of The Crop" prod. by Street Symphony, which I thought should have been the intro.

Alright I'm ashamed to say that I had never previously heard of Don Trip before. Its totally my fault because I did my research after I finished listening to the mixape & I'm ashamed of my self. He is a well respected artist in the game & has a supple library of mixtapes to swag to. Coming from Memphis he knows how to go ham on Track 02- "I'm Still In The Trap" ft Juicy J prod. by The Mekanics. 

I have realized that I have veered away from the original reason I started this blog. I started it to give small named rappers some extra publicity. When I clicked on this mixtape I saw he now has about 75k downloads & I was like who is dis. Then I did some research & found out Don is from the Memphis area & has done plenty features with big names artist from that city. In an article I read form the Memphis Flyer, Don said "I've done records with Gotti, Ball & MJG, and Three 6". The article also stated that he signed to Interscope. This is a major achievement. Memphis is relatively close to Chicago & I would have thought I heard of him before but no swag. 

I do have to be honest because I did have trouble grasping to his flow. He is not anywhere near garbage its just I was more so focused on the beats. I was tweeting as I was listening & forgot I was even, doing a review at one point in time. I went to Youtube & watched some of his older videos & it appears to me that he was more hungry with tracks like "Letters To My Son" because they ment something. Most of the tracks on this mixtape have no real message as if he didn't care.  I'm not alone in this opinion because I went to the comments on Datpiff & Headegg said " Shit has some dope tracks but a lot of the tape is kinda samey-samey." I'm sure his previous mixtapes are super swaggin & I eventually I will listen to them on da swag swag. 

I will put the link to the Memphis Flyer article below. I found it to be very knowledgeable about Don Trip. He doesn't have a Wikipedia page & that's odd because most signed artist have one. Nevertheless he still swaggin. I also read that he had videos on Youtube for almost a year & nobody watched. I have over 400 videos on my Youtube page YOUTUBE.COM/FWILLIS911 but I have low views as well I used to think Youtube blocked my views but they don't & folk just don't watch. O'Well I do have this blog & people do read & I ask my readers for donations because I need their money. Anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 




Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

OJ Da Juiceman "Alaska In Atlanta 2" review

ATLANTA SWAGGIN TO DA SWAG SWAG!!! I really enjoy listening to OJ Da Juiceman because he is real. I without a doubt believe everything he spits because he is a swagger dat been swaggin swag before swag was established swag. I will always support him on da swag swag. He doesn't play and gets stoopid paid. U gotta be about your business if you wanna survive & he raps about the truth in Track 09- "Cut Throat" ft. Lil Dre prod. by Frank Castro.

From the first time I watched his MTV Jams hit "I'm Gettin Money" I have always been a fan. I really enjoy that he is real & stays true to what he is about. Alot of niggs don't like him because he fuk wit Gucci but they don't realize that OJ is his own trapper & makes his own cash swag. He didn't need Gucci to get famous but real fuk wit real & that is what happens swag. When you a grinder the universe line itself up to make sure you eventually link up with others like you & I can't wait until I swag with OJ on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I would have listened to this eventually on the swag swag but what really caught my attention was the title. This has been a rough winter for everybody. Atlanta is not used to the cold & snow like us Midwest niggs. I was watching the news & they said there have been times that it was colder in Atlanta then parts of Alaska. They have been all fucked up but it don't stop true hustlers like OJ. When you a grinder you make it happen on da swag swag.

Even though OJ is a drug dealer I really love listening to his music. I don't like that he engages in illegal activity to make his money but he not doing anything any of us wouldn't do if we was in his position. He is rich as all hell & that is all that matters on da swag swag.  I work in a factory & make $8.25 an hour so its evident that I made a foolish decision not selling drugs but I do write these reviews. I hustle hard on this swag swag & if you could click on that donation link & support me it would be greatly appreciated on the swag. swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Monday, February 10, 2014

MartysaurusRex's "Year Of The Orange Dinosaur" review

SWAG SWAG!!! Dis mixtape was a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!! I really enjoyed listening to this mixtape because it has a wide variety of beats that I was swaggin to. What I like is how he is able to adjust his rap style to the wide variety of sounds & futuristic space shuttle beeps, as well as a supple amount of jazz swag. SWAG SWAG!!! He really swag sum swag swag on Track 13- "Swaggin" SWAG SWAG!!!

I located this mixtape on twitter through Brandon Marshall , all-star receiver from the Chicago Bears. I just clicked on it and heard the first track & it was swaggin so I said I would write a review. Then I listened to the mixtape & I was like SWAG SWAG!!! This was really nice on da swag swag. What I really enjoyed how MartysaurusRex was able to adjust his rap style to the different tempo of the beats with masterfully crafted lyrics on da swags. He exemplifies his adaptive talents on Track 6- "Point A Point B".

Now I listened to the entire mixtape & wrote all my notes well before I realized that MartysaurusRex was Martellus Bennett, tight-end for the Chicago Bears.  I knew that Brandon Marshall tweeted it but I just thought it was one of his peoples he was looking out for, not one his millionaire teammates. SWAG SWAG!!! What makes this fact interesting is its different hearing a mixtape from someone who already has their finances in order because he plays in the NFL & minimum wage is $900k. Most artist are struggling & its nice hearing a noname rapper that is already famous for something other than selling drugs or doing stupid gangster shit. He plays for the Bears & alot of youth look up to him & I believe the music industry should promote invest in positive role models like him more instead of some street hustler that magically didn't get caught in this trap.

What I do find more interesting is he is a NFL professional & he is on here rapping about smoking marijuana. I'm not going to dance around the subject because he makes it clear & evident on Track 04- "Smoking Section" as well as making numerous mentions through out the mixtape. Now anybody that knows me knows I partake in the herbal remedies & I promote it to the best of my ability, but I do have to say I would not have done that if I was in his position. I'm not that strong of a person. If I was Martellus I would focus on rapping about the dangers he puts his body through for our entertainment. I play football & its a super dangerous sport so I know there is alot of swag he can rap about. Plus Martellus & me play the same position so he like my superhero in Track 7- "SuperHero"

This is an epic move to me because I know how the Bears management & owners can be some major stiffs & they don't like that kind of stuff. What make this such a big deal because I was watching Sports Nation and they said NFL only test players once a year for marijuana once a year. They tell them when they getting dropped. Basically NFL is sending a message to the world that marijuana is totally safe & if someone can't stop for a test they know about to take, then they don't deserve to make millions of dollars on da $wag $wag. Marijuana is basically legal so & the NFL commissioner Rodger Godell says he's in favor of medicinal marijuana so swag swag to da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I play semi-pro football. Well really I haven't played in a few years because you don't get paid in semi-pro & right now I'm focused on getting paid. I have no money & I can't get a job. I had a job interview last week but they didn't call back so I gotta get back on my grind & see what I can find.  It must be nice to be an NFL superstar making millions of dollars. If I had that I would start my own semi-pro league where players would get paid. It wouldn't be much but it would be something which is better than nothing. That's why I write these reviews. I don't get paid from any ad revenue. I just ask my reader for donations. Anything that is given is greatly appreciate on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Papoose's "Hoodie Season 2" review

Is New York swaggin in da building? Hell yeah because Papoose is a swagger dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!! A master lyricist in the prime of his career that for sure carries the New York swag proudly & keeps it real hip-hop. Not that shit on the radio he really swags on Track 13 "Hip Hop".

Instantly I noticed how Papoose was able to sound somewhat similar to Jay Z. He is different than Hova but really show proper respect to the rap god by adapting his swag. Really Papoose is such a great lyricist that sometimes its difficult to keep up with what he says because he raps at a fast pace. I had to slow down my media player sometimes just to keep up. All rappers from New York are great at dem bars & Papoose is nothing less than amazing. 

Another thing I noticed is the style of beats that DJ Kay Slay presented to Papoose. The majority of them was remakes of former greats that was swagged up. Nothing wrong with this style because many top notch artist used classics from previous generations to pay respects to the past. One that specifically comes to mind is Kanye West when he used to produce for The Roc & provided many artist with top notch quality bets to swag to. Papoose knows how to be a real rapper & stays true to the original hip-hop roots that make it famous in the first place. Now the rap game is all fucked up & the very few that is making major dollars is fighting hard to stay swaggin. 

Unfortunately I have to say I did not know much about Papoose before I listened to this mixtape. I mean I have heard some of his features on other artist tracks like Cassidy & Vado but I never heard any of his works. I went to Wikipedia & researched him & I see he only has one studio album release. I was under the premise that he was signed but he was released by Jive & now is independent. I also had no clue how many mixtapes he had before he was released & I'm ashamed to admit that because I always saw his name pop up but never had the nerve to listen. I will be on the lookout in the future at well as listen to his previous pieces. 

I understand that Papoose prefers to rhyme at such a fast pace but he goes on slower smoother paced beats. When u do that its hard to stay in tuned with the lyrics because you be swaggin to the beat. I freestyle on my YOUTUBE.COM/FWILLIS911 & I was just watching some of my previous videos & realized I sound much better when I go slow swag on slow beats & fast swag on quick pitch beats. I believe Papoose sounded the best on Track 19-"(Bonus) Where I Come From" because it has a nice Techno/House vibe to it & he has no issue keeping pace to the rapid swag. 

Papoose signed a 1.5 Million dollar deal with Jive & he is swaggin dem $tacks. I pray he was wise w/ the money because that is all anyone really needs to stay swaggin. I wish I could see that amount of money one day & I work hard to try and make it happen on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Until then I have to ask my readers to help support me by clicking on my Paypal link & contributing. Anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you for swag visiting Great Frank's Place.