Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bobby Capri "Lemonade Mixtape- No Sugar Added" review

Here goes a mixtape from a pure professional top notch lyricist. Bobbi Capri comes out with some smart inventive rhymes and awesome premiere beats. He always swag on a track. I remember listening to his other mixtape "Instant Gratification" and writing a review. You can go to my archive to find it. Bobbi is not new to the game and he been doing his thing for a minuet, and you will hear it on Track 09- "Been Trill".

He gave you a bunch of more tracks on this mixtape than the previous. Honestly, I first heard this mixtape when it came out, but I don't do as many review as before. I knew to keep him in my library, because there is no way I would not show my appreciation. This was a great work that took alot of skill and craft. You will receive all his messages clear and free on Track 07- "80 Thoughts".

If you a pure hip hop fan, you will be enthralled with his harmonic vocals and proper word delivery. I listened to this with my peoples and they agree. This is an artist that everybody should be on the lookout for. You better believe that only good things grow from a sure certificated piece. All you gotta do is stay on your job like in Track 02- "Grindin' #Premix". Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

BJ The Chicago Kid's "The M.A.F.E. Project" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!!! Here goes the nice sounds of R&B, but at the same time it's just right for the streets. Really it's best if you turn this on with your bae in between the sheets. If your a fan of Maxwell or D'Angelo, then you are sure to love BJ with his Seductive Sensual Swag. He is sure to have you enchanted with Track 12- "Soul Of A Woman".

This was a sure pleasure to listen to, but it did make me feel kind of lonely because I'm single. Never the less, I was tuned in from beginning to end. This work was masterfully crafted and magnetically ravishing. It's nice to hear an artist from the city that doesn't continue on with that entire 'Chiraq' persona. He really took this work to next levels and will have you captivated with Track 7- "Good Karma".

It's too much negativity out here for people to be acting all hard-hearted and trenchant. Find you a special someone that loves you for you, not some fake persona someone might emulate. If you can't be comfortable being yourself with your special someone, then maybe they are not the one for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you should seem flawless to your boo like in Track 05- "Perfect Skit".

The only issue I have with this mixtape is there is no credit to the featuring artist in the track titles. I look for things like that, because it's nice to see artist work together. In Track 11- "What You Do To Me" I believe I heard Smoke DZA on the track, but I can't be sure because no credit is given. Other than that I will be on the lookout for more works from BJ The Chicago Kid, and all of yall should be as well. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

AGoff's "The World Is Yours 2" review

WOOP WOOP!!! Here goes another swagger for yall to swag to. SWAG!!! AGoff has been going hard for some time now, and he never fails to keep everything legit and legal swag. The Swag Gang Gereral has swagged up to next levels, and is working with major SODMG artist. If you wanna verse from him it's gonna cost you, but its all swag so just hit him up like in Track 10- "Hit My Line".

I remember when AGoff first started with Oceangang, but now he is working on his own. It's all good though, because he has always gone off on every track he goes on. At first, I couldn't believe he was charging $600 for a verse, but he must be getting paid now. That's what happens when you stay bossed up and getting them digits like in Track 02- "Doing Numbers".

I don't know what has been going on with the rest of Oceangang. I always know what AGoff be doing, because I follow him on twitter. He is a professional and keep's his listeners in tuned with all of his moves. That's the way you suppose do it. I don't understand why most of these artist are not on they grind? You gotta be a go getter and give it your all or your done like in Track 18- "Shoot Or Get Shot".

I understand this mixtape came out a whiles ago. I have alot of reviews to do. If any artist wants a review all you gotta do is email me at I will do any genera, it doesn't matter because I listen to all kinds of music. I might have to start charging because I am getting alot of request. All you gotta do is hit me up. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Talib Kweli's "Javotti Media Presents: The Cathedral" review

Javotti Media comes out with a true swagged up mixtape. SWAG!!! Talib Kweli has a new crew and they all raw. A nice assortment of proficiently skilled lyricists and premiers beat bangers. He really never fails to not release anything that doesn't have you stunningly astounded, and you will know when you hear Track 5- "Everywhere I Go" ft. Talib Kweli, Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., & Kendra Ross.

I've been listening to this since it first was released. How do you not turn your attention to a truly skilled and accomplished Hip Hop chart topper? Talib comes out with mixtapes on a regular, and they never fail to leave your cranium bedazzled and mystified. I mean really he can go off on a track, and you will witness it on Track 10- "What's Real (Live)" ft. Talib Kweli & RES.

I really look forward to hearing future works form all these featured artist. It said in the description that this is Talib's new company, so I expect to hear plenty more from all the Javotti's. It's a whole bunch of them, but none of them are bad swag. One track everyone should tune in and listen to what they have to say is, Track 02- "Boomerang" ft, Talib Kweli, K Valentine, Cory Mo, k& NIKO IS. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Corner Boy P's "Amerikan Greed" review

Yet again we have another exceptional release from one the many dignified exquisite Jets Setters. Within the last few months they have released mixtape after mixtape on a weekly biases. Honestly it's hard for me to keep up, but I have been listening to all of them. Corner Boy P illustrates his talents and it's time for people to recognize with Track 10- "Riding Slow" ft. Spitta.

I've been listening to this mixtape continuously since it was released. Everything about Corner Boy's swag oozes from a grind that anybody can vibe to. It's nice to listen to somebody who is real with their lyrics because you can relate to what they have to say, and please believe you will comprehend when you hear Track 11- "Paper Chasing" ft. Neno Calvin.

I found the title of this mixtape very intriguing. Greed is what drives alot of Americans daily lives. Think about it, we live in a country where we have so much. I remember learning in college that the United State is less that 5% of the the world's population, but we consume about 30% of the planets resources. Half the world's billionaires live in our county. We are forced to live in a system where if your not consumed by greed, then you have no worth. That's capitalism for you and if you didn't know, then you will after you listen to Track 09- "They Know". Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Kid Vista's "October" review

Kid Vista in the building. I'm not gonna yank anybody chain and suggest you listen listen to this, but I will say this is well crafted. This was produced with clear quality and good intention. Practice makes perfect and the more you grind the more you shine. He really kicks it off nice with Track 01- "Sunset".

I don't want Kid Vista and his crew to think I'm simply being mean, it's just I'm honest. After the first track everything went down hill. The recording quality was nice, but the lyrical content and overall message left me dumbfounded. It appeared as if the lyrics were just written as an assortment of random rhymes. Even the freestyles don't flow right, and you will know what I mean when you listen to Track 03- "Grindin' (Freestyle)".

I don't want to discourage future artist from asking for mixtape request. Anybody can get better and it's constructive criticism that helps you grow. My suggestion to Kid Vista would be to find some sort of artistic touch and practice your delivery. On Track 13- "A Million Words" he says " I wrote a million words just to scribble them out", maybe he should write 10 million and keep grinding until everything starts swagging. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Message to ALL beatmakers.

This morning I had an unusual request. A producer emailed me and asked if I could write a review on his beats from his website. Make no doubt about it I have no problem listening, and his beats sounded nice. Only issue is I listen to hundreds of different producer's beats, and his did not stand out to me as special. I'm not gonna name him because I'm not trying to trash anybody, but there are many issues that I see all low-level producers doing.

First off, why are all these no name producers trying to sell beats at premium prices? I understand that selling beats is your craft, but most of yall have no identity. There is no way I would spend $500 on a beat from somebody I have never heard of. Your main focus should be to up your status and brand. Don't spend all day tweeting trying to get somebodies attention, praying somebody purchases anything. How's about you spend that time tweeting, working on beats and creating a sound that couldn't be copied or stolen.

Another issue, when I visit these websites I don't fully understand how the purchasing process works. I can lease or buy a beat. That makes no sense. These are beats, not cars. If I pay my hard earned money for a beat, I don't want anybody to be able to profit from that beat without my expressed written consent. Stop it with all the gimmicks and keep it simple. I give you my money and you give me a beat.

I listen to alot of mixtapes. It's gotten to a point for me, where the beat itself is not that special. To me, all beats sound the same. That doesn't ring true for all, but I was in the car with my mother listening to these beats and we share the same opinion. What makes a beat special is the overall work. It's getting to a point where anybody can make there own beats. The technology is easily available and reasonable affordable to the average person.

This is not directed towards any specific producer, it's just I give my perspective. I'm a blogger and me being honest is critical to my product. Hundreds of producers follow me, and as soon as I listen to there beats I know why I've never heard of them. If I wasn't 100% truthful with my readers, then my word is useless. I just wish producers were more creative and realize that if your not unique, then your nothing. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

M.A.x.'s "Coming Of Age" review

CHI-TOWN REPRESENT!!! Here goes a piece of work that is Smooth & Serene Swag. Swag!  It's nice to listen to a new artist who has everything mastered and polished. She really put alot into this work and it clearly shows. M.A.x. put everything on a track that is sure to make you come back like on Track 04- "Miss Me (Im With It)".

In all seriousness, this was a great work. None of that street talk or follery that currently consumes hip-hop. This is all sensible rhymes due to put you into a deep thought about what is real. This is something that you could feel comfortable playing with your grandmother in the car. She really swagged and you will hear it on Track 02- "2:50am".

I would like to know who produced the beats, unless she does her own. This is a work that sounds like it was recorded by the best of engineers. I love that because I get artist that request reviews, and it sounds like they recorded everything on a smart phone. I just ignore those request because I respect artist who take there craft serious and are willing to grind, showcased in Track 06- "Struggle With Me".

I do have to say I noticed when I downloaded the zip file that the songs where not properly filed. Minimal issue, but may I suggest that this be uploaded on one of the major mixtape sites like Live Mixtapes or Datpiff. She calls this an EP, but really its a mixtape really because it available for free. I personally don't feel comfortable downloading zip files from any small sites, but it's all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The LOX's "The Trinity (3rd Sermon)" review

D-BLOCK STAY HOT!!! Yet again we have another masterpiece to add to your collection. This time it is from one of original Trio of Swag to bring hip-hop to da swag. "Money, Power, Respect" is one of my favorite albums, and one of the first that I swagged to. SWAG!!!  Now they add another work from 'The Trinity' collection. You already know what it do with Tracks 07- "Rolling With The Homies" prod. by Chris Stylez.

What I really like about LOX is they stay true to the game. I mean seriously, these are platinum selling artist putting out a mixtape for FREE! Swag! I know what be swagging, when you do thing for free. In the long run, it equals more money. Its a Wait Swag, but the best things in life are free then you will see, like in Track 03- "Wait For Me" prod. by Jahlil Beats.

I mean, when you are legends in the rap game, you will stay the same. It's part of who you are, and everything you release Auto Blows. SWAG! LOX are more than experienced and respected, they have not dropped a step. The still are master punchline lyricist that could take down the best of the new young niggs, and you will hear in Track 02- "Real Is Real" ft. Von; prod. by Virus.

I appreciate all the new followers and readers. Like I always say ,if anybody wants a review, just hmu, that's all you gotta do. Get at me on twitter @greatfrank87 or email me at I'm always willing to listen to new artist and enjoy exposing new talent. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Migos' "Rich Nigga Timeline" review

SWAG!!! DA Migo gang done did it again. They done gave yall some more to stay alive so you always thrive. SWAG! Seriously life can really suck alot, but ass long as you swaggin, then you know you will always keep everything up like in Track 18- "Struggle" prod. by Zaytoven & Cassius Jay.

What else could you expect from the chart bangin young rich niggards? Seriously, Migos is continuously managing to take over all the swag with their Trio of Swag.  They never fail to put out a mixtape that doesn't take over all your senses and desires. When you listen in to their magical message, you know they telling the truth. Just listen to everything they say and obey like in Track 07- "Pop That" prod. by TM88. 

One thing I have to say that sucks is this is not an official album. Make no mistake about it, I do love that I'm able to download and listen free of charge, but I wouldn't mind actually paying for it. It's nice to just swag pay for a masterpiece to add to your collection. Please believe, I know that this rap swag is about dat cash swag. You better pay attention to Track 05- "Buyin Em" prod. by Swift Bangs. 

After listing to this mixtape, you will know that you ready to go to they show. I believe I heard that they are performing a show tommorw at Club Adriana. in Markham. I'm not 100% sure, because I never see them tweeting about their shows on Twitter or Instagram. I only heard one commercial on the radio. I would love to go, but I'm gonna stay home. Last time I went to one of there show's, it wasn't a good experience. I didn't have enough money and I couldn't get in.  Its all swag tho because I'm sure it's gonna swag and you should go and have fun like in Track 08- "Came To Party" prod. by DJ Durel.

Alot has swagged in a different direction for me lately. I now understand the importance of taking better care of myself. It's alot out here that can take you out the game. No need in anything silly like high blood pressure or diabetes slowing you down. All you gotta do is continue to grind so you can stay good like in Track 15- "All Good" prod. by Cassius Jay. 

I'm always willing to do a review for anybody who want's one. Now, sometimes I do get request for some strait GARBAGE!!! I pick up garbage in the streets and get $wagged up. I don't review garbage, but if your consistent and keep asking I will get to it eventually. Don't be mad if  I'm not the nicest, but it will be fair and honest. Until next time, Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Young Roddy's "Legal Dealing" review

Now this is another mixtape from the Jet Setter that is sure to keep you focused on the swag. So much fakeness out here that it can desensitize your perception and focus on life. Young Roddy continues to stay at the top of his game and there is no way he wont continue to rise releasing tracks like Track 7- "I Know It" ft. Curren$y & Smoke Dza prod. by Howard Davis.

On a musical front this is what I expected, pure excellence. It's a damn shame how the music industry works, because quality good sense music is ignored for popular club bangers and profits. I listen to so many mixtapes and there is no originality or creativity from most of these "artist". Everybody trying to get rich and most don't realize that real wealth is derived from your personal grind and you will know when you listen to Track 4- "Tryin" prod. by Howard Davis.

I personally find the title of this mixtape significant. We live in a world that is trying to trap so many people for others benefit. Alot of hip-hop is based off illegal activities. So many youngins out here listen to all that and are mislead to believe that is how you should live life. Then they are suckered into a legal system that is set up to make sure you never see success. Once you get a felony you cant vote, can't get a job, and you live a life where everyone judges you negatively. Find a hustle that will keep you out of prison and take Roddy's words to heart like on Track 5- "Selling That Sh%t" ft. Mr. Marcelo.

I just went the entire month of October without smoking any marijuana, and I still have not picked up a joint. Just doesn't seem right at the current time. If any artist out there want's a review just email me at or hit me up on twitter. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.