Sunday, February 26, 2017

Toofpick Will's review

Alright everyone, now is the time to pay attention to Toofpick Will. After listening to him, you know he the real deal. At first, I was somewhat turned off by his somewhat hackenyed corniess delevery method, but as I continued to listed I was captured by his meaningfull thought provoking lyrical content. He really went deep when I heard Track- "Gods Been Knowing".

What do I mean when I say his rhymes are somewhat corny? It sounds like he is trying to hard on his bangin turned up tracks. There is no need for that mawkish way of rhyming. It's all good tho, and it still sounds great. Also all the beats that he uses are premier and he has some very talented features. They all did they thing on Track "Get It" ft.Killa Streetz & China.

Im not trying to down him under any circumstance. Listening to all these tracks was a pure peasure. After listening to this you will know how to go to a deeper level. He presentes everything in a pure professional and profitible method. He has all his tracks on all the different media sources. That just makes sense, because you block yourself from futue sucess, when you only focus on one way to survive. You must remain paiteint, and find you someone special to gring with like in Track- "Take It Slow" ft. Stefan Mitchell & Cashanova.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

'Strange Graphs' review

Alright Everybody!!! Please come in and give all your attention to 'Strange Graphs'. If your someone who enjoys the art of gaming, then you will be more than pleased listening to his tracks. This music instantly took me back, back in the days when when Nintendo and Sega was where everything was at. Please give ya self a chance to relax, and you will be sure that this is not whack, and hear Track-"Traceformers".

Please understand, this is not your familiar hip hop music. It is more techno/house, with an excellent video game theme. Immediately once I started hearing I was taken to the days when gameboy took most of my time, and I was clearing Mega Man levels. If your somebody of the gaming community, there is no way you will not be able to appreciate. You will be taken to another place when you hear Track- "Save The Day Again".

When I first started listening, I heard tracks from his soon to be released album. You should order it. I will have the link below. As I write this review, I am listening to some of his previous tracks, and I am entrapped by his talent. This is some proper tracks that should be published. Hearing this makes me question why isn't there a radio station that keeps music like this in continuous rotation, and there is no way nobody will be hating when they hear Track- "Dubstep Up".

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