Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cassandra London's review

Now's da time for you to raise yo hands and give all yo attention to Cassandra London. She is a master's reggae artist that will have you stuck and in love. She is extravagant and estatic with every beat. She is going to be one of the best when it's all said and done. After listening to her, I am an instant fan and you will be to when you hear Track- "So Fresh".

I don't usually write reviews for artist who don't post thier music on a free site, but these tracks are well worth paying for. This is quality music that everybody can vibe to. I was coasting and floating with every joint. She really know how to be poetically lyrical and straight to the point. I was in a trance, and it wouldn't superise me if she has alot of fans. You will be too after you hear Track- " Just Cool".

What I also really like is how she is all about love. There are way too many people out here that will bullshit you into having feelings. It very special when you find that special person that you can trust with your heart. We only on this planet for a short period of time, so why not just find a main that will always have your back. You will know with Track- "I Need Love".

Now, this isn't the usual mixtape that you can download. You have to visit her website and purchase the tracks. I found her on Twitter and I am glad I did. So you should go visit her site and follow her too. Also as me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank-you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

YoungCoup's " So Slept On" review

Now's the time for everybody to charge up and tune in to ya boi YoungCoup. He is a superstar grinder that is always going higher. This mixtape was a full packed rumble of joy. He did what he he had to do to release this masterpiece. If you don't listen to this, you will be so sleep. I was surrounded with all kinds of fun, by the time was done. You will know it's all good when you hear Track 07- "Feel Ya Cup".

What first caught my attention, was the intro. That was very creative, and took me back to my DBZ days. Alot of artist don't put much effort into making something whitty and thoughtful as their intro. It's dam near the most important, because that is what get's folk attention. Then he able to keep it going strong with every track that follows up. It is rare that an artist would be able say going strong, but he made it happen with Track 02- "What It Is".

Also what I like is his messages. Every verse is quite poetic, and he is telling a story. Not many artist are able to do that, and they just be spitting ramblings on every track. This is how all the verbiage and subjects should be constructed. I do have to say I was not that fond of the cross fading at the end of the tracks. I just feel like it's not necessary to have, but over all this was well crafted and mastered. You will be busting and hustling when you hear Track 08- "Clutching".

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Ace Da Animal's "Tap Water N Stale Cookies" review

Now is the time for yall to get your goodies and listen to your boi Ace Da Animal. He sure is a beast with every lyric. He is wonderfully eccentric with all his tracks. He surely did make sure to properly craft each and every verse. This is a masterfully mixed work that took it to the next level, and you will know the rise when you hear Track 11- "Greatness" ft. Mike Dreams.

I was looking at his discography, and see the last mixtape he released about 3 years ago. That's a long time, and if he was just a lil more constant with the hustle, he would be big time right now. I listened to some of the last one, and it sounds awesome too. It's understandable that life get's in the way of you chasing your dreams. It's sucks, but as long as you a hustler, everything grows over time, and you will be wise to hear Track 05- "Game Changers" ft. Polygon.

I really did enjoy the entire mixtape, although it was pretty lengthy. A few tracks could have been omitted. Even still, it kept me comfortable in my seat. I was entrapped with every musical beat. What I really enjoy about Ace, is he is real poetic with his style. He can really deliver his message with straight forward statements. This was real enjoyable to take in some of his adjunct advice, and you will stay nice when you play a Track 08- "Climb On Top".

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nita Jonez "Drive Em Crazy" review

Saddle up and settle down when you hear what Nita Jonez lays on da track. She is profoundly permanent with every verse, and she is giving some strong sensible messages throughout this entire piece. It's a short work, with only 6 tracks, but this is a nice showcase of what she has to offer, and she knows what everything is about and tells you straight in Track 02- "Hello".

This mixtape came out about 6 months ago. I remember downloading it and refused to delete. I finally got around to hearing it and I was amazed with every track. She doesn't fail to deliver, and after you hear you will shake and quiver. She is doing her thing repping hard for all the sexy sistas. She hit the point on the spot with the Track 04- "Drive Em Crazy".

There are some for sure main banger on this piece like with Track 03- "Blocking Numbers". I was awake and informed with some valuable advice. She is a force to be wrecked with, because she is not sacred to get wild and reckless. I was like Wow after hearing this entire mixtape. Also with it only being 18 minuets long, it's nothing to turn on and bang in your ride. You will explode with all kinds of joy when you hear Track 05- "Tic Tic Boom".

Lastly, I really respect all the lyrical ladies out here doing they thang. It's not many, but the ones who do grind always shine. It's hard out here, and it twice as hard for the ladies. They got to bust they ass all da time to get any respect. It's all good though, because it just shows how strong you have to be to survive. Nita tells you about the grind when you hear Track 06- "Bout Dat Time"

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Smileyface's "The Stoner Next Door" review

Now's the perfect time, for you to tune into ya boi Smileyface. He sure does know how to shine. This mixtape was perfectly mixed and everything sounded fine. It was kinda lengthy, but as long as you a real hustler you will make it all the way through. I was really taken by his fourmula, and you will be too when you hear Track 15- "Drank, Ice, & Weed" ft. God Kain.

This is my first mixtape listen from Smileyface. He is a real hustler though, because he had another mixtape posted on the recent home page. It is all about that work ethic and how hard someone is willing to make it happen. You just gotta get on your grind and find a way out da mudd. Don't sink or starve, just thrive and survive with Track 09- "No Stressed" prod. 8 Track.

I do have to point out how many tracks there was. At first I was like dam, but as I listened it got better and better. I can appreciate when an artist is able to take it to deeper levels. What's really nice is how he is able to stay intuned with the overall theme of smoking dope. He kept everything up large and hard with Track 11- "Smokin n' Drivin" prod. Narqui$e.

Of course I picked this mixtape because of the special day. This is gonna be a real good day. Everything is lined up to sum up to top notch royalties and treasures. It is 4/20 and everybody should stay safe when they partake. Also I really like how this mixtape had a chill vibe. It is perfect to set the mood for any situation, and you will know how to do it when you hear Track 08- "Hit It & Pass It" prod. 8 Track.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Lil Uzi Vert's "Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World" review

Ya boi Lil Uzi Vert knows how to work. He did his thang on this mixtape, and he made everything twerk. This was a top notch premiere piece from beginning to end. He takes control of your tension span on every track. Be sure after listening to this you will stay on task with Track 03- "Money Longer" prod. Don Cannon.

I was real excited to listen to this once I saw it posted. Uzi has been releasing some real super big hits lately. I was intrigued to hear more of his work, and all of a sudden this was posted. He is a true hustler and is always posting new works on World Star. It's no question his hustle, and he is seeing success from every angle. He sure did help himself to some major stacks with Track 07- "Ps & Qs" prod. Don Cannon.

It's is somewhat amazing to see how fast he blew up. This has to be very exciting for him and his squad. I'm pretty sure this is a long time in waiting for him. Most people only see someone's current success, and have no clue the grind they went through to really make it happen. It can be difficult for folk to fathom that everyday is a hustle, and if you not on yo grind you not gonna be on top like in Track "High Roller" prod. Maaly Raw.

Everybody out here should be able to appreciate Lil Uzi Vert, and everybody should make sure they go download it. I make it simple so just click the link below. If any artist out there wishes to have there mixtape reviewed just follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87, or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I do ask that people be patient because I am very busy. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Skippa Da Flippa's "I'm Havin 2" review

Skippa is the dab master that will have you trappin faster. This was another release from him that will have you charged and feeling large. There is no changing with him, and you know what to expect with his simple effortless hooks and hyped up delivery. You know what you are getting when you put him on, so just download this and know what's real with Track 11- "Same Bitch" prod. Jrelentlesz.

It's pretty straightforward with Skippa. Either you are a fan or you are not. I have been tuned into him for years now. I like listening to him because he puts my mind on a level of focus that allows me to block out all distractions. It's something about his voice and style that has me obsessed with every lyric. At this point in time he is by far my favroite rapper, and he will sure be yours when you hear Track 08- "Not New To Me" ft. Offset; prod. Honorable C Note.

I don't understand how somebody could not be a fan. I guess if you don't like hearing "dirty" artist you wouldn't like him, but I don't mind. Too many people are offended by vulgarity, and I find that to be frivolous. He is a motivator that gives positive messages throughout this entire piece. You just gotta download and believe when you hear Track 10- "Ride" prod. Dot N Pro.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poi$on Toni's "Eboni EP" review

Poi$on Toni is really making strives with this mixtape. I was instantly entangled from the very beginning. She had me glued from the start. She knows how to give it steady, so you better stay ready. I really like her majuscule  uniformity, as it is matched up with her lyrical delivery. She really know's how to put you in the proper mindset with Track 02- "Feel Good" prod. Wonya.

What I really like about this sista, is she is not all wild and crazy. She is really relaxed with her verses, and it really allows you appreciate every rhyme. You can really tell she spent some time to get it sounding this good. Also she has some real nice messages. Every track gives you a piece of reality from her perspective. She is intued to the swag and you will sit back with Track 03- "Ur My" prod. Dream Koala. 

I am real proud to be able to write about Poi$on Toni. She is an example that there are plenty of females out here making masterpieces. This entire piece was a pure treat. I just had to write a review for her because this work had me satisfied. You will fell the same as me after you tear,  so download it and please don't fear when you hear Track 05- "Karma" prod 5th DMNSN.

She teamed up with DJ 837, and he did her right with this. It's important for her to team up with premiere DJ's because she is kind of monotonic on a few tracks. Sounds like she smoke just a lil too much before recording a few tracks. It's all good tho because she is on time with every chord. Also, she showed her true self with everything, and you will be agreeing with Track 08- "Too Much" prod. Wonya. 

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dej Loaf's- "All Jokes Aside" review

Dej Loaf has stepped in and took over with this one. She is harmonically melodic with all of her tracks, and will have you interlaced with every hum. She is amazing, and there is no doubting why she has seen so much success lately. This is what you expect to hear from a top notch female artist. If you are not synced up with her style then you are sure to be when you hear Track 08- "Make Money" prod. KLVN. 

If you haven't heard of Dej Loaf, then you simply are not alive. She is all over the magazine covers and in heavy rotation on the radio, She has that sound that instantly captures you, because it's so smooth and serene. I knew that she was gonna blow up from the first time I heard her. She is going to stay winning with Track 06- "I'm Gon Win" prod. Sonny Digital. 

I do know she has some affiliation with Lil Durk. I'm not 100%, but I'm sure they are couple or something. Whatever it is they need to stick together because power couples always thrive. There needs to be more in the hip hop community, because Jay Z and Beyonce are the only other ones who have survived the test of time. You gotta be willing to go all in till the end like in Track 10- "Die For It" prod. iRocksays. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dee Brown's "Failures & Success" review

Ya know it goes down when Dee Brown comes to towns. He did it again with another wonderful work, that will have you going wild and mild. He is strongly message orientated, and will have you deeply thinking about your priorities. After listening to thing you will be woke to the real struggle of anybodies hustle. You will have no issues when you hear Track 09- "Problems".

This is the second mixtape I heard from Dee. He is very talented, and has the work ethic to get it cracking. It makes me real proud to see an artist keep going, no matter what obstacal may occur. When you come from real roots, you are for sure to thrive through any challenge. This Mississippi grinder knows how to keep it going with Track 10- "Ridin".

What's real special is Dee is not scared to give it to yall straight. He is open about being broke. Not many of us have alot of money, so everybody on the planet can relate. It's way to many fake rappers bragging about a bunch of money they really don't have. What's wrong with keeping it real, and telling people the truth. He did his thang and spit about his change with Track 01- "Nickles and Dimes".

I really expect big things from Dee Brown in the future. I do have to say he should think about changing his name somewhat, because there are alot of Dee Browns out here. It might be difficult for someone to Google his name. It's all good and I always put the like to the mixtape at the bottem. If anybody wishes to have their mixtape reviewed just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87, or follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87, or email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Azealia Banks' "Slay-Z" review

Ya girl Azealia Banks came in and did her thang. If your a fan of turned up house and disco, then you are sure to enjoy this from beginning to end. I was immediately captured by her electric sound. Also she is a prominent lyricist and is giving some sensible messages. It's best that you play this when you relaxing after a hard day of work, because you are gonna chill out with Track 08- "Along The Coast".

This is my first time hearing one of Azealia's Banks work. I remember there was some confusion between her and Iggy Azalea, but they are not same. She is more efficient with her vocals, and is actually spitting some real rhymes. This mixtape has alot of deeply rooted hip hop and night club sounds. It's really nice to hear someone breed those two styles because it's a masterful mix. You are gonna definitely agree when you hear Track 05- "The Big Big Beat".

It is real nice to hear a talented female artist. It's real head to find some that can measure up. We need more sistas out here doing their thing. I really respect strong hard working women, because they are about their business. They not gonna play games and treat you like nothing. It's alot of nothing females out here that just don't care, and will blow off any guy. Well it sucks when it comes back like in Track 06- "Used To Being Alone".

I have been making some epic moves lately, and I appreciate everybody who is helping. If any artist out there wishes to have their mixtape reviewed just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87, or email me at, or follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87. I have been getting alot of messages lately, so please be patient. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.