Monday, April 11, 2016

Skippa Da Flippa's "I'm Havin 2" review

Skippa is the dab master that will have you trappin faster. This was another release from him that will have you charged and feeling large. There is no changing with him, and you know what to expect with his simple effortless hooks and hyped up delivery. You know what you are getting when you put him on, so just download this and know what's real with Track 11- "Same Bitch" prod. Jrelentlesz.

It's pretty straightforward with Skippa. Either you are a fan or you are not. I have been tuned into him for years now. I like listening to him because he puts my mind on a level of focus that allows me to block out all distractions. It's something about his voice and style that has me obsessed with every lyric. At this point in time he is by far my favroite rapper, and he will sure be yours when you hear Track 08- "Not New To Me" ft. Offset; prod. Honorable C Note.

I don't understand how somebody could not be a fan. I guess if you don't like hearing "dirty" artist you wouldn't like him, but I don't mind. Too many people are offended by vulgarity, and I find that to be frivolous. He is a motivator that gives positive messages throughout this entire piece. You just gotta download and believe when you hear Track 10- "Ride" prod. Dot N Pro.

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