Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Smileyface's "The Stoner Next Door" review

Now's the perfect time, for you to tune into ya boi Smileyface. He sure does know how to shine. This mixtape was perfectly mixed and everything sounded fine. It was kinda lengthy, but as long as you a real hustler you will make it all the way through. I was really taken by his fourmula, and you will be too when you hear Track 15- "Drank, Ice, & Weed" ft. God Kain.

This is my first mixtape listen from Smileyface. He is a real hustler though, because he had another mixtape posted on the recent home page. It is all about that work ethic and how hard someone is willing to make it happen. You just gotta get on your grind and find a way out da mudd. Don't sink or starve, just thrive and survive with Track 09- "No Stressed" prod. 8 Track.

I do have to point out how many tracks there was. At first I was like dam, but as I listened it got better and better. I can appreciate when an artist is able to take it to deeper levels. What's really nice is how he is able to stay intuned with the overall theme of smoking dope. He kept everything up large and hard with Track 11- "Smokin n' Drivin" prod. Narqui$e.

Of course I picked this mixtape because of the special day. This is gonna be a real good day. Everything is lined up to sum up to top notch royalties and treasures. It is 4/20 and everybody should stay safe when they partake. Also I really like how this mixtape had a chill vibe. It is perfect to set the mood for any situation, and you will know how to do it when you hear Track 08- "Hit It & Pass It" prod. 8 Track.

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