Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nita Jonez "Drive Em Crazy" review

Saddle up and settle down when you hear what Nita Jonez lays on da track. She is profoundly permanent with every verse, and she is giving some strong sensible messages throughout this entire piece. It's a short work, with only 6 tracks, but this is a nice showcase of what she has to offer, and she knows what everything is about and tells you straight in Track 02- "Hello".

This mixtape came out about 6 months ago. I remember downloading it and refused to delete. I finally got around to hearing it and I was amazed with every track. She doesn't fail to deliver, and after you hear you will shake and quiver. She is doing her thing repping hard for all the sexy sistas. She hit the point on the spot with the Track 04- "Drive Em Crazy".

There are some for sure main banger on this piece like with Track 03- "Blocking Numbers". I was awake and informed with some valuable advice. She is a force to be wrecked with, because she is not sacred to get wild and reckless. I was like Wow after hearing this entire mixtape. Also with it only being 18 minuets long, it's nothing to turn on and bang in your ride. You will explode with all kinds of joy when you hear Track 05- "Tic Tic Boom".

Lastly, I really respect all the lyrical ladies out here doing they thang. It's not many, but the ones who do grind always shine. It's hard out here, and it twice as hard for the ladies. They got to bust they ass all da time to get any respect. It's all good though, because it just shows how strong you have to be to survive. Nita tells you about the grind when you hear Track 06- "Bout Dat Time"

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