Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mike Jones' "Money Train" review

Who, Mike Jones! It's been a while since I heard something from the platinum selling Huston rapper, but he teams up with DJ Ben Frank and releases a new mixtape to keep it trill. He is still going strong for all the swangers and trunk bangers. Soon as I saw this posted I downloaded and listened. He sure does keep it swagged up, and you will know when you hear Track 03- "I Remember".

To be honest, I did not care for this when I first heard. It did have to grow on me because I am accustomed to hearing Mike Jones with the down south slow style beats. Alot of these beats sounded more up tempo, but none of it was bad and everything was swag. He got super famous by chanting his name on his tracks and nothing has changed like in Track 08- "If I Had To Pick".

Mike Jones was one of the many Texas rap artist that benefited from a strong burst of popularity in early 2000's. His mainstream popularity has faded, but every now and then he drops mixtape for the underground. I can't forget banging his album back in high school, back when all we had was reggie. I always enjoyed everything and you will too when you hear Track 01- "3 Grams".

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Skippa Da Flippa's "Im Havin" review

Come and enjoy the raps of this QC swagger. Skippa Da Flippa has an extremely original sound. It will take some time to appreciate what he has to offer. Once you get tuned in his constant barking and simple repetitive hooks, he is quite entertaining. He gives it to you straight and you will be sure nothing is stopping him when you hear Track 10- "Chase Your Dreams".

I'm not gonna yank anybodies chain, most hip hop listeners will not like Skippa's style. He is not a good lyricist nor is he rapping about anything sensible. The reason I enjoy him is because he is part of Quality Control and riding with them since the start. I am a big fan of Migos, and although he is not as talented as them, he does a feature every now then on their mixtapes. They returned the favor like on Track 03- "Hell Is You Doin" ft. Quavo.

Another reason I really enjoyed this mixtape because this guy just does not care. He goes all out on every track and doesn't hold back. Sure he is on here promoting his illegal drug dealings, but it appears to me that if you not trapping you gonna stay broke. I do not doubt anything he spits on a track is false, and you will know what I mean when you hear Track 08- "Real Street Nigga" ft. Lil Durk.

I will be on the lookout for future works from Skippa Da Flippa because he motivates me with joints like Track 18- "Trap Season". People tell me all the time I should add picture and colors to my blog and I refuse. I like to keep everything simple because most people are simple minded. I just do these reviews and keep attracting readers. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jae Millz's "For The Win" review

Jae Millz come in with another mixtape for everybody to know that he is still going hard. He is extremely well versed and multi-talented battle rapper. From my perspective he never truly recieved the proper accolade for all his works, but he is evidence as long as you keep grinding good thing are bound to happen. You will be sure to enjoy this short 6 track piece when you hear Track 02- "I Needed That" prod. Silk Sam.

I was listening to this with my little brother and he never heard of Jae Millz. He was awe inspired by the end of this one. The first mixtape I heard from Jae was his last one "R.O.T.S." and I was instantly capture by what he brings to the table. I'm not a huge fan of battle rap, but I knew of his epic feuds. He has been doing it big for some time now and you will love Track 04- "Itch" ft. Markel; prod. Frankie P.

I know Jae has been with Young Money for some time not. Not sure what is going on there because it seems like Lil Wayne wants to leave. That sucks but if he is not happy, then anybody would be able to understand. It's alright though because Wheezy put forth alot of effort building his label with strong artist like Millz, but all good things eventually come to an end. Hope it doesn't come to that, because they were very profitable and made alot of money like in Track 05- "Couple Millions" prod. Marvino Beats.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

ASAP Ferg's "Freg Forever"

The ASAP swag comes in again to make sure DAT you WIN! SWAG! They are all well known, and will get you going! You better make sure to dowmload this and enjoy every Track. I was really into what this mix tape was swaggin and you will feel was this is about when you hear Track 18- "Real Thing" ft. 
SZA; prod. Stelios Phili.

I have to be honest. I am ashamed that I have never truly listened to any of Ferg's work. I always see mixtapes posted, but this is the only one that I have given it's proper attention. He really delivered with every track and had me swaggin. Swag! I am super late to the party. That sucks but now I'm tuned in and you will be too when you hear Track 03- "Fergsomina" ft. Twista; prod. Very Rare & DRAM.

I really enjoyed I his contorted rhymitich delivery. If you're into a different kind of hip hop sound, then you will love his swag. This had me enamored with every last sound and pound. The ASAP Gang is really doing it big! The will swag up you're wig with Track 10- "Hood Tales". 

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