Friday, November 25, 2016

Jay Reed's "Jay Reed aka Groovy Mon$ta" review

Now is the time to give all your attention to Jay Reed. He linked up with DJ Bankroll to give us this impactly meaningful peace. He is non-violently cutthroat spitta with every lyric, and will have you lost in an entire different dimension. This mixtape was kinda lengthy with 19 tracks, but it's all good because he keeps everything charged up at all times. There is no way you will not be lit after hearing this work. You will be hitting and gritting with Track 04- "Karate" ft. Big Michael; prod. Ki$hen.

I had to listen to this multiple times to fully grasp the entire intent of this work. There is so much that he says, that you have to take your time to gather everything. It's all good because that means he is giving the people a full serving of what his talents have to offer. Some artist only give sample servings, and that is not enough these days. He us well rounded and has some tracks that are more smooth and mello, and you will remember when you hear Track 18- "After Party In The PM" ft. Nikia Jnae; prod Ki$hin.

Jay Reed comes to us from Houston, and we all know how trill dem Texans can be. This was a premiere work that is structurally solid from beginning to end. Every track gives something that all his listeners can take to heart. Every track has something we all can relate to. He does not miss any spot, and will get the scene hot with Track 11- "OovoO" ft. Runt; prod. Ki$hin.

If I was to give a small piece of advice, it would be to be a bit more selective with what track to put on a specific work. Sometimes there can be so many hot tracks, that you lose track of which one is which. Eventually they all start to sound the same. Of course, I am going to take the time to break down everything, but your average listener is going to become bored half way through. Most people have short tension span these days. It's all good though because he has some strong gems at the end like Track 19- "Fake It Till You Make It". 

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

JasZ's review

Everybody please pay all your attention to JasZ. He is a hard working up and comer, who will have you begging for more. He has not released many tracks, but what I have heard from him thus far is pressingly promising. His current hot single "Rambo" will have you lit, and if he keeps going the sky's the limit.

There is not much I can say about his music, but I can testify that what's released is beyond descent. He has a continuous flow that is consistent and sure to glow. Sometimes it is trying to fully comprehend, but it's alright because it will have you trapped in a mesmeric mentality. His rhymes are stylish and stunning and you will be loving with Track "Love Me Like You Say You Do" ft. David Altenor: prod. David Altenor & Chris El Leon. 

I can tell that he is ready to make big moves. Before that happens he must drop an official release. One or two tracks are cool, but if there was an entire mixtape it would give people a full serving. What's out right now is just a free sample. The more you grind the more you shine, and he is sure to see his time with Track "Popular" prod. Young Forever Beats & The Super Producers. 

I did find some videos of him performing. Getting on stage and keeping a crowd happy is a talent that many artist do not master. Some are just more natural at it than others. Putting on a good performance is what's most important, because nobody is purchasing music like before. If you want to make money you are gonna have to get on stage and take control. Not long before he is coming to your town, so be on the lookout if he is around like in Track "Ridin Thru" by Lexx: prod. by MFA.

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