Sunday, August 12, 2018

Robert L. Watson's "Groovalistic Moods" review

Ok yall, it has been a while, but I am back. Now I'm featruing an artist that is sure to take you for a enchanted ride. Robert Watson is supremly musical. He brings back the old school style that rooted the fuckadelic reign. Everything is legit and quality sounding, like a sonnet. I had an amazing time listening to everything, and you are sure to enjoy Track 05- "Middle Aged Disco Queen".

I had a wonderfull time listening to his entire Soundcloud collection. It was nice to hear how he masterfully put together all the different instrumental sounds. Listening to this would be nice to hear on a long trip. All of his loops are layered in a consistent pace, and he knows how to properly tune the base. It's evident in listening that all of the sound was construced on it's verified instrument. That gaurentees quality because the sound is original. You can tell it's real and that is evident with Track 03- "Leah Nichole".

When it come to his ablity to play multiple insturments, he is unmatched. He uses a wide range of from: electric piano, guitar, durms, and he is specficly suttle with the symbols. Everything is a smooth groove, that verifies you will be cool. All of his loops are layered in a consistent pace. Hearing this will put your soul in a proper place. His Track 09- "People Want To See A Change In The Wrold" fome the "Future Of The World" album, is really nice. The way he adjust the same instrumental notes to different keys is a high roller coster ride, so you better strap up so you don't die. You will fly nice when you hear Track 06- "Screamin' Deamon".

Lastly I want to say I appreciate him for allowing me to write for him. This was an everlasting enjoyable expierence, and I am sure to learn from his style. He has 10+ years in the game, and his talent will sustain. I have just started making music, and hearing this made me realize I have a long way to go. Hearing this style will make sure you win, so please tune in to Track 08- "Jazz Chillin'".

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Allen Anderson's review

At this point it's time for me to start back writing reviews. It's been a while but I'm back. I am presenting an artist who made magic with a guitar and meaningful soulful lyrics. Allen Anderson's music opened me up to a new genre of music to vibe out with. He gives it to you straight and will have you wanting more with "Trust In The Lord". 

It took a while for everything to soak in, but each time I listened I found more and more to appreciate. After doing some research, I realized this music takes you back to a time way before I was born. It sounds like some groovy 60's sounds. Back when our government sent thousands of soldiers off to war for no reason. They still do the same today, and it's sad how your average citizen does not realize the sacrifice they are willing to make. Nevertheless, that era had a very specific sound, which Allen gives a proper representation. Trust me once you allow everything to gather, you will enjoy hearing "Alaska". 

I do have to note that the audio quality of the recording was not up to quality standards, but if your able to look past that and tune into what he is saying you will be entranced. Considering all things every thing is pretty descent, he just needs one of you fine dj's to hook him up with a nice mix and master. Once it's cleaned up, anybody will love playing "Love You Baby".

Like I said earlier I find it despicable how your average American Citizen could care less about the troops. If they stopped caring about our safety, there would be all kind of no swag going on. They keep all their actions secret from us because it's not necessary for us to know. All we need to know is we are safe. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



Sunday, November 5, 2017

Juicy J's "Highly Intoxicated" review

MAFIA!!! Ya boi Juicy J has done it again, as usual. Here is another street banger for all yall to vibe to. What else is there to expect at this time. Juicy is on a lifetime grind. He never fails and is always gonna shine. He prophesied and predicted everything on Track 03- "Show Time" ft. XXXTentacion; prod. Southside.

What really highlights this mixtape is another top level mixtape that is expected from Juicy. He is consistent with every drop, and that is the formula to never flop. Everybody should show respect where respect is due. Yo will only understand if you are true. If you need help comprehending then listen to Track 05- "That Ain't You" prod. SuicideBoys.

Another quality that puts Juicy on the top[ of the game, is his ability to always stay jumping with every track. It is very rare that anything he puts out is ever whack. You can listen to all of his pieces and each one gone have that trax. It's gon make you relaxt and listen to Track 10. "Kamasutrua" ft. Cardi B; prod. Resouce & Mike Will.

It's been a while since I wrote a review, but I have been taking a break while I get on another grind. It's all good, and I am still available to write a review for anybody who request one. If you are interested in having a review just email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lil Uzi Vert's "Luv is Rage 2" review

Its been a good whiles since I last wrote a review, but after listening to this new release from Lil Uzi Vert, I just had to. He has done it again with this new masterpiece. He has grabbed total control of his success, and just keeps winning with every last step. There are alot of hater out there who have doubted all of his stuff, but he continues to be great and comes out with gems like Track 08-"Neon Guts" ft. Pharrell Williams.

What really separates Lil Uzi from all the others, is his ability to adjust his style to every sound. He has a very unique style that is simultaneously psychedelic and simple at the same time. It is universal in every dimension and will continue to stand the test of time. As long as he stay on his grind he will forever get the deal, and that is evident with Track 06-"For Real".

I give Uzi alot of credit is for putting this new album on Soundcloud. You don't even need to pay for the upgraded Soundcloud Pro. It's nothing wrong with paying and I suggest that you do, but the fact that he is able to release this work free of charge is showcase of his mastermind. It has only been a few days and it already has millions of plays. Lil Uzi is proof to any artist out there that you can make it my your own means. He is still gonna get paid, and you will be sure when you hear Track 10-"UnFazed" ft. The Weeknd.

Whats next for Lil Uzi Vert? Who knows, but he has reached a level of greatness rather quick and the sky is the limit. Who knows, he might build a spaceship and leave to another planatery system. Anything is possible. Until then just keep watching and thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bzur's review

Alright now yall its the time to please pay your attention to Bzur. This spectacular soundtrack is sure to give you pleasure. Once I started listeing, my sprirt was streached to a new measure. If you into muisc composed on a masterful level then you are sure to go hear Track "Fade to G.".

Im sure alot of my readers are not fully acustomed to this style of muisc. This is more of a classical sound with a nice turned up tempo. You have to really be swaggin and take in everything that this has to offer. You have to allow yourself to open to new horizons and go to new places in life. You never know what you may find out, but you will have a better understanding when you hear Track "why".

Whats really nice about these tracks, is they all contain substance and have the ability to be in any background setiing. Any half descent animator would be able to produce some award winning scenes with these tunes. If your somebody who enjoys a trilling empactful sonets, then you will be sure to hear Track "Vibrance I".

He has a new album out now on Spoitify. The link is at the bottem. I am always willing to write a review for any artist of any genra. This is the first classical style review I have wirtten, but I have studied music history. I know good tracks when I hear em. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Toofpick Will's review

Alright everyone, now is the time to pay attention to Toofpick Will. After listening to him, you know he the real deal. At first, I was somewhat turned off by his somewhat hackenyed corniess delevery method, but as I continued to listed I was captured by his meaningfull thought provoking lyrical content. He really went deep when I heard Track- "Gods Been Knowing".

What do I mean when I say his rhymes are somewhat corny? It sounds like he is trying to hard on his bangin turned up tracks. There is no need for that mawkish way of rhyming. It's all good tho, and it still sounds great. Also all the beats that he uses are premier and he has some very talented features. They all did they thing on Track "Get It" ft.Killa Streetz & China.

Im not trying to down him under any circumstance. Listening to all these tracks was a pure peasure. After listening to this you will know how to go to a deeper level. He presentes everything in a pure professional and profitible method. He has all his tracks on all the different media sources. That just makes sense, because you block yourself from futue sucess, when you only focus on one way to survive. You must remain paiteint, and find you someone special to gring with like in Track- "Take It Slow" ft. Stefan Mitchell & Cashanova.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

'Strange Graphs' review

Alright Everybody!!! Please come in and give all your attention to 'Strange Graphs'. If your someone who enjoys the art of gaming, then you will be more than pleased listening to his tracks. This music instantly took me back, back in the days when when Nintendo and Sega was where everything was at. Please give ya self a chance to relax, and you will be sure that this is not whack, and hear Track-"Traceformers".

Please understand, this is not your familiar hip hop music. It is more techno/house, with an excellent video game theme. Immediately once I started hearing I was taken to the days when gameboy took most of my time, and I was clearing Mega Man levels. If your somebody of the gaming community, there is no way you will not be able to appreciate. You will be taken to another place when you hear Track- "Save The Day Again".

When I first started listening, I heard tracks from his soon to be released album. You should order it. I will have the link below. As I write this review, I am listening to some of his previous tracks, and I am entrapped by his talent. This is some proper tracks that should be published. Hearing this makes me question why isn't there a radio station that keeps music like this in continuous rotation, and there is no way nobody will be hating when they hear Track- "Dubstep Up".

I am always willing to write a review for any artist. Just hit me up on Twitter @BloggerFrank87 or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I have graduated to another level, and I have been receiving more request frequent. Just direct message me and I will reply in due time. Now is the time for everybody to hustle and expand your horizons. Just get on your grind and everything will come in due time. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.