Saturday, December 25, 2021

Gucci Mane’s “ So Icy Christmas” review

Our boi Wizzop brings us back to the streets with this on. It’s a holiday special that surprises everyone. Probably had you thinking it was one of his previous release. NOPE! This was a very appreciated presentation. You will enjoy unwrapping Track 3- ‘Da Beginning”.

I’m truly at a lost for words. I cant remember the last time Gucci fed the streets in this manner. I was reminded of why everyone fell in love with his vibes. This was filled with top quality features and you’ll be a believer with Track 4- “Enchanting” with Nina Ross.

Radric Davis has always blessed us with masterpieces. This one is another truthful evident of the creation. I was not disappointed. After hearing Track 13- ‘All I Want For Christmas” it provides all evidence. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Lil Wayne, Rich The Kid’s “Trust Fund Babies” review

WHEEZY F. BABY DID IT AGAIN! This time he teamed up with Rich The Kid and gave us a premiere release. This was a surprise for everybody. Once I saw the notification, I could not wait to hear everything. This was a busing mixtape that makes you believe. You will agree when you hear Track 9- “Buzzin’” ft. YG.

Rich The Kid has been working hard and proving everyone that he is legit. He earned all respect from Lil Wayne and proven his stardom. His record label Rich Forever has generated plenty of profitable artists. The sky's the limit and you will believes it when you hear Track 6- “Big Boss”.

This was aa amazing listen. Tunechi always delivers, and Rich matches his standards. Been a while since I listen to greatness. Can’t wait to hear more. This is a golden age of hip hop and it’s bound to get better. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Kanye West’s Donda review

Kanye is back with his new next level gigaplexed anticipated release. Everyone was on edge to hear this one. This is a true Gospel album. Kanye teaches us you must learn God, before you earn God. If you listened to his last album “Jesus Is King” then you understand the direction he steers music to. He testified to our soul on “Jesus Lord”.

Being truthfully honest, I was not that impressed at the first listen. After the second gander, I began to appreciate everything. Anyone who listens to Gospel music knows it is about the message. If you only focus on the music you will be lost. We all remember Kanye for his groundbreaking beats, but his true talent is to make you think. You comprehend everything after you hear “Pure Soles”.

Is this one of Yeezy’s award winning albums, no. Nevertheless the less there is something we all should take away. Strive to be a better person and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Lend a helping hand now and then, and watch your blessings flow. It’s real talk and you’re gonna agree listening to “Believe What I Say”. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.


Friday, June 11, 2021

Migos’ “Culture III” review

Migos is back with a fresh new release titled “Culture III”. Everybody was waiting patiently for this release. They always deliver and never fail to please. This brought me back to when I first heard everything. I had a great time listening to all the tracks, and you will love listening to Track 13- “Anti Social” ft. Juice WRLD.

This was a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting this, and couldn’t help myself once I saw the notification. This album reminds my of their early mixtapes. They have been putting work in for along time, and now they are solidified top level mainstream artist. Hard work pays off. You will understand when you hear Track 3- “Straightenin”.

The sky is not the limit for Migos, they are inter dimensional. Role models for all aspiring artists to stay motivated. They remind us how important it is to stay healthy with Track 8- “Vaccine”. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

J Cole’s “The Offseason” review

Cole World is a planetary force that never needs to boast. Jermaine Lamarr Cole entered a new level of talented mastermind with this latest release. He receives alot of hype, and deserves every last prop. This new album really impressed me. I’m sure you will agree after you hear Track 8- “l e t . g o . m y . h a n d”.

Like most people, we are all fans of J Cole. Nobody can deny his success. After hearing this, your perception of him becomes more admirable, especially if you’re just a casual listener. Every track draws you in and captures your attention. He really put it down on Track 7- “p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l” ft Lil Baby.

Latest reports inform us that J Cole is playing professional basketball for the NBA’s new African league. Him able to be accepted as a respected athlete is more evidence of his greatness. You must be completely committed and dedicated to your grind to be taken seriously. He provided the formula to success on Track 5- “p u n c h i n ‘ . t h e . c l o c k”.

I have not written a review in some time. After hearing this, I was obligated to show respect. Now I am motivated to get back on game. I do produce beats every now and then, and would like to elevate that craft to the next level. That is what great music like album does to someone. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.


Monday, December 9, 2019

Juice WRLD's Review

It's super sad to say, we lost one of Chicago's biggest artist yesterday. Juice WRLD'S government name was Jarad Higgins. He originated from my city, and raised his profile to the highest possible degree. He passed away way to early at 21, but left behind a musical library that will play on forever. This is a reality check for the entire culture to take a rest. Pace yourself, chill out occasionally, then get twisted like in "Wasted" ft Lil Uzi Vert.

I'm listening to all his tracks on Soundcloud. He was a musical genius who captured your spiritual source and entrance your emotions. It's no surprise he made it to the top. Most of his tracks follow the similar theme of partying hard, and pain of the heart. Not all tracks had a sad vibe, there are plenty of money making club bangers like "Let's Get It" prod. Sidepce.

Unfortunate is the least anybody can say to describe his short stint as a top level artist. Everybody around him felt an everlasting attachment. He is proof of what can happen when you put in quality work to thrive. Also he is proof of what happens when you don't party responsibly. You must have an off switch, so you return from your trip. Please don't slip like in "rich and blind :(".

Everybody heard his chart topping billboard track "Lucid Dream", but after listening to his library you will agree all of his releases met or exceeded the quality of that song. Alot of people in the industry don't respect Soundcloud rappers, but artist like Juice WRLD paved the new path necessary to take to be great. Follow in his footsteps and you will attain success. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Robert L. Watson's "Groovalistic Moods" review

Ok yall, it has been a while, but I am back. Now I'm featruing an artist that is sure to take you for a enchanted ride. Robert Watson is supremly musical. He brings back the old school style that rooted the fuckadelic reign. Everything is legit and quality sounding, like a sonnet. I had an amazing time listening to everything, and you are sure to enjoy Track 05- "Middle Aged Disco Queen".

I had a wonderfull time listening to his entire Soundcloud collection. It was nice to hear how he masterfully put together all the different instrumental sounds. Listening to this would be nice to hear on a long trip. All of his loops are layered in a consistent pace, and he knows how to properly tune the base. It's evident in listening that all of the sound was construced on it's verified instrument. That gaurentees quality because the sound is original. You can tell it's real and that is evident with Track 03- "Leah Nichole".

When it come to his ablity to play multiple insturments, he is unmatched. He uses a wide range of from: electric piano, guitar, durms, and he is specficly suttle with the symbols. Everything is a smooth groove, that verifies you will be cool. All of his loops are layered in a consistent pace. Hearing this will put your soul in a proper place. His Track 09- "People Want To See A Change In The Wrold" fome the "Future Of The World" album, is really nice. The way he adjust the same instrumental notes to different keys is a high roller coster ride, so you better strap up so you don't die. You will fly nice when you hear Track 06- "Screamin' Deamon".

Lastly I want to say I appreciate him for allowing me to write for him. This was an everlasting enjoyable expierence, and I am sure to learn from his style. He has 10+ years in the game, and his talent will sustain. I have just started making music, and hearing this made me realize I have a long way to go. Hearing this style will make sure you win, so please tune in to Track 08- "Jazz Chillin'".

Like I always say, I am wlling to write a review for anybody. Please just email me at or follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87. I will eventually get back to you, please be patient. Also please go to the Link below and follow Rob's Soundcloud. Also please make sure to like the album playlist and all the tracks. It's the only way to show ture appreciation. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

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