Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bzur's review

Alright now yall its the time to please pay your attention to Bzur. This spectacular soundtrack is sure to give you pleasure. Once I started listeing, my sprirt was streached to a new measure. If you into muisc composed on a masterful level then you are sure to go hear Track "Fade to G.".

Im sure alot of my readers are not fully acustomed to this style of muisc. This is more of a classical sound with a nice turned up tempo. You have to really be swaggin and take in everything that this has to offer. You have to allow yourself to open to new horizons and go to new places in life. You never know what you may find out, but you will have a better understanding when you hear Track "why".

Whats really nice about these tracks, is they all contain substance and have the ability to be in any background setiing. Any half descent animator would be able to produce some award winning scenes with these tunes. If your somebody who enjoys a trilling empactful sonets, then you will be sure to hear Track "Vibrance I".

He has a new album out now on Spoitify. The link is at the bottem. I am always willing to write a review for any artist of any genra. This is the first classical style review I have wirtten, but I have studied music history. I know good tracks when I hear em. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Toofpick Will's review

Alright everyone, now is the time to pay attention to Toofpick Will. After listening to him, you know he the real deal. At first, I was somewhat turned off by his somewhat hackenyed corniess delevery method, but as I continued to listed I was captured by his meaningfull thought provoking lyrical content. He really went deep when I heard Track- "Gods Been Knowing".

What do I mean when I say his rhymes are somewhat corny? It sounds like he is trying to hard on his bangin turned up tracks. There is no need for that mawkish way of rhyming. It's all good tho, and it still sounds great. Also all the beats that he uses are premier and he has some very talented features. They all did they thing on Track "Get It" ft.Killa Streetz & China.

Im not trying to down him under any circumstance. Listening to all these tracks was a pure peasure. After listening to this you will know how to go to a deeper level. He presentes everything in a pure professional and profitible method. He has all his tracks on all the different media sources. That just makes sense, because you block yourself from futue sucess, when you only focus on one way to survive. You must remain paiteint, and find you someone special to gring with like in Track- "Take It Slow" ft. Stefan Mitchell & Cashanova.

Like I always say, I am willing to write a review for any artist who request one. Just follow me on twitter @BloggerFranks87, also please download the Twitch app and follow me "greatfrank". I usually tweet out that Im about to stream, so if you trun on the notifications, you wll always be intuned with the stream. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Sunday, February 19, 2017

'Strange Graphs' review

Alright Everybody!!! Please come in and give all your attention to 'Strange Graphs'. If your someone who enjoys the art of gaming, then you will be more than pleased listening to his tracks. This music instantly took me back, back in the days when when Nintendo and Sega was where everything was at. Please give ya self a chance to relax, and you will be sure that this is not whack, and hear Track-"Traceformers".

Please understand, this is not your familiar hip hop music. It is more techno/house, with an excellent video game theme. Immediately once I started hearing I was taken to the days when gameboy took most of my time, and I was clearing Mega Man levels. If your somebody of the gaming community, there is no way you will not be able to appreciate. You will be taken to another place when you hear Track- "Save The Day Again".

When I first started listening, I heard tracks from his soon to be released album. You should order it. I will have the link below. As I write this review, I am listening to some of his previous tracks, and I am entrapped by his talent. This is some proper tracks that should be published. Hearing this makes me question why isn't there a radio station that keeps music like this in continuous rotation, and there is no way nobody will be hating when they hear Track- "Dubstep Up".

I am always willing to write a review for any artist. Just hit me up on Twitter @BloggerFrank87 or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I have graduated to another level, and I have been receiving more request frequent. Just direct message me and I will reply in due time. Now is the time for everybody to hustle and expand your horizons. Just get on your grind and everything will come in due time. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.




Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wülf Boi's- "Foolish Warior" review

Alright now everybody please come and pay ya boi Wülf Boi his proper respect. He has figured out the formula to create a magnificent masterpiece. This is some next level swag, and he exercise alot of magical mature melody. These are some well crafted ballads, and there is no way you will not be enamored. You are really gonna be given a good time, and you are sure to tune into his rhyme with Track 02- "Warning Of State Affairs".

First and foremost, I must give him alot of respect for opening this work with the soundbite from Bleach. What a way to immediately gather somebodies attention. It did not take long before I could properly evaluate his lyrical value. When somebody takes the time to really perfect their craft, it shows. The message is accurately received with every verse, and there is no way he will not be heard with Track 07- "Pigskin" prod. BluntedBeatz.

Another positive note, he really selected some quality beats. This is not some turned up and jumping piece. He is spitting some knowledgeable vibes for you to take it. Every tune has a specific way of massage your cerebral status. You can't be an air head to fully understand what he said. You will be left filled and revealed after you hear Track-10 "Hollow".

We all go through tough phases in life, that teaches us what to do right. If things are not going fully your way with somebody, all you have to do is part ways with them and continue to thrive. The title of this really hits a home run on many aspects of life. Sometimes we are foolish fighters, and blindly go into battle. It's best to take the time to evaluate everything, befor you fully commit to anything. He is giving yall a real rooted reality with Track 05- "Ira".

If anybody out there wishes to have a review please follow me on twitter @BloggerFrank87 or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I am working hard to reach out to many people as possible, but there is only so many hours in the day. Please be patient and I will get around to you eventually. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kevin Pera's review

Everybody please come and give ya boi Kevin Pera your undivided attention. His style is out there as an artist, and he will test the limits of what it takes to be called a lyrcist. There is genius behind his work, all the core vital necessities are there. It's just you have to be in a relaxed state of mind, so sit back and unwind when you hear "OhGun".

Originally, I was asked to write a review on his newly release "Ragnarok". To be honest listening to this entire piece in one sitting most difficult task. Even for a profesional like me, I found myself becoming more angered and ragefully conniving with every strectched out rhyming. That relese is one continuous one beat. It is just him constantly blabbering for 40 minuets. It is pure tourture, and I don't suggest anybody put themself through all that. With all that said, I still listened to all his older works and he does show promise with some of his earlier work. He will have you charged with "Aggravated Assult- JSB".

I give alot of praise to Kevin's talents. He is pretty afluent with his vocabulary and will have your mind going 10 different ways. That is not easy to do, and takes alot of pratice to acheive. Once someone masters that, the rest of the process is a downhill progression. I highly sugesst he collaborate with some of the many talented producers who can mix and master his tracks. Also, it may be a good idea to put your work on one of the big name sites like Spinrilla or Datpiff. Not many folk use bandcamp, but I will use it more often.

Everybody out there knows I started my blog for any artist out there who believes they have a chance. As long as you carry the desire for sucess growing in your heart, the sky is the limit, and we all can out stretch our maximum potential. With hard work and countless hours of hustle, anything is possible. I am not out here trying do down anybody, but we all can find flaws and correct our mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and we are all trying our best, just sometime we all need a helping hand. I know I do. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Thursday, December 1, 2016

MC Bigfoot's review

Everybody please turn your attention to MC Bigfoot. He is a consistent neurologically brainy spitta, that will have your head going to all kind of spots. In every verse, he is giving alot. You really have to be willing and prepared to comprehend his flow, because he will have you stuck in a state of hypno. He will have you stoned and have you filling like you royality on a throne. You will know how much he will go when you hear Track "Many Sides Of A Sasquatch".

Let me be completely honest. Originally, when I first put this on I was mildly disgusted. It did not sound appealing to the very least. The beats are amazing, but hearing his mythological persistent flow was not enjoyable. At first it sounded like he did not have any lyrical talent, and he was just blabbering out random rhymes. Also it sounded like he had no hooks, and was just giving straight flow on every instrumental. His delivery style is extremely, rapid and you can easily forget. You have to really swag up and get in a different mental stat to fully comprehend, and you will understand what he says on Track "Lines I Jot".

As I continued to listen, I became excitingly enamored with what he was saying. You have to pay attention to decipher the message, because he is going so fast. Please allow yourself to open your mind, then you are able to follow, suddenly it is not so bad. He is giving alot of information, and only a dumbass will not be able to get it. This is clearly some top level information, and if you don't understand you will be hating. You have to listen to everything and then you will be elated with Track "Don't Fuck With The Sasquatch".

Also let me say, he has some premiere beats. I mean seriously, these are masterful beats that any top level artist would be interested in. Only thing constructive I could say, is focus on making more musical hooks. When you first listen, it sounds like he does not have any hooks. It just sounds like straight flow throughout the entire track. That puts a strain on the listener, because it doesn't give them enough time to gather their thoughts. But after I dove deeper, I discovered that there are some hooks. They are not that dressed up or spaced out clearly. It's all good though, because he is spitting alot of really witty ingenious lyrics. Eventually, you start to have alot fun hearing his earful smirky remarks like in Track "Just Spittin".

I am open to writing reviews for any artist. Just follow me on twitter @BloggerFrank87, and add me on Snapchat greatfrank. I receive alot of messages, so please give me some time to reply to your request. Also I have started back streaming on Twitch. My username is GreatFrank. Please follow and watch me play some games. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, November 25, 2016

Jay Reed's "Jay Reed aka Groovy Mon$ta" review

Now is the time to give all your attention to Jay Reed. He linked up with DJ Bankroll to give us this impactly meaningful peace. He is non-violently cutthroat spitta with every lyric, and will have you lost in an entire different dimension. This mixtape was kinda lengthy with 19 tracks, but it's all good because he keeps everything charged up at all times. There is no way you will not be lit after hearing this work. You will be hitting and gritting with Track 04- "Karate" ft. Big Michael; prod. Ki$hen.

I had to listen to this multiple times to fully grasp the entire intent of this work. There is so much that he says, that you have to take your time to gather everything. It's all good because that means he is giving the people a full serving of what his talents have to offer. Some artist only give sample servings, and that is not enough these days. He us well rounded and has some tracks that are more smooth and mello, and you will remember when you hear Track 18- "After Party In The PM" ft. Nikia Jnae; prod Ki$hin.

Jay Reed comes to us from Houston, and we all know how trill dem Texans can be. This was a premiere work that is structurally solid from beginning to end. Every track gives something that all his listeners can take to heart. Every track has something we all can relate to. He does not miss any spot, and will get the scene hot with Track 11- "OovoO" ft. Runt; prod. Ki$hin.

If I was to give a small piece of advice, it would be to be a bit more selective with what track to put on a specific work. Sometimes there can be so many hot tracks, that you lose track of which one is which. Eventually they all start to sound the same. Of course, I am going to take the time to break down everything, but your average listener is going to become bored half way through. Most people have short tension span these days. It's all good though because he has some strong gems at the end like Track 19- "Fake It Till You Make It". 

If any artist out there wishes to have their album or mixtaped reviewed just follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87 or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I really enjoy listening to new music and giving any artist a chance. There are so many talented people out there, and I am only one man and I can only do what I can. If anybody wishes to team up just contact me. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.