Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Isley Brother’s “Make Me Say It Again, Girl” review

Smooth, Smart, Sexy, Serene, and Sensual is just a few words to illiterate the Masters of Music Isley Brothers. Their levels of success spands through many generations. It’s on a height that most people can not comprehend. This album is just a single step on a stairway to heavenly molded position of Greatnesses. You will bear witness as your ears have the pleasure of hearing Track 14- “Biggest Bosses” ft. Rick Ross.

After some research, I find it unfathomable to believe how long they have maintained supreme success. They have been superstars since the 1950’s, and still releasing premier hits to this day. I can’t think of a single artist or band that kept it going this long. They was elected to the ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ in 1992… THAT WAS 30 YEAR AGO! Whoever is smart enough to work with them right now is cemented in ever lasting Glory, and it’s proven in Track 8- “Keys To My Mind” ft. Migos members Quavo & Takeoff.

Everyone loves every rendition of covers songs and remixes of The Isley Brother’s original tracks. Otherwise, I personally desire to hear their original releases. It’s like hearing musical prowess at the highest possible peak. Anyone who appreciates classical music of Bach, Beethoven and the mastrated orchestral eras are in complete agreement. Thank you for visiting Great Frank’s Place.


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  1. Hey Frank. Sorry to bother on an unrelated topic. I was wondering if you still have a download of the tape you reviewed way back, #Lifesabeach Volume 1 by Ocean Gang. I was hoping you could send it to my email let me know if you can... thank you so much!