Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rich The Kid's "Dabbin Fever" review

Woo WOO WOOOOOO!!! Ya boi Rich came in too strong with this one. He never fails to release some premiere work, and I make sure I listen to all his work. He is a real hustler and stacks up on some crazy racks. You are a fool to ignore anything he puts out, because he has boomed up to some loco levels. He is worldwide with his mac, and everybody do da dab with Track 10- "Global" prod. Murda.

I was original not gonna write a review today, but then I started listening to Rich, and he got me swaggin. Yes I still swag, but it's alright because I also dab. It don't make any sense why everybody trying to kill da swag. Dabbin is a simple way of fashion, whiles swag is a masterful action. All fashions are a summertime statement, while swaggin is everlasting. Its all good and you will get a full understanding when you hear Track 07- "Listen" ft Skippa Da Flippa.

What's really nice is now Rich is doing some super big time dabbin. It is delicious how dabbin has taken over the main stream media. They are truly representing on all different channels. I believe I say someone on Ellen dabbin. That was raw, and it's important for everyone to know who are the originals ones to get it cracking. He give it to you straight with, Track 02- "Dab Fever" ft. Wiz Khalifa; prod. Zaytoven.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tazzy M "Preparation 4 Greatness" review

Alright now y'all! Ya boi Tazzy M releases a work that goes straight in. This guy is real talented and has real solid flow. He talking real talk on every Track, and everything is a mac. Y'all know ya boi going ham on everything like on Track-04 "Conquenses"prod. A Rich.

What I really like about this mixtape, was the album art. I was like DAM, he had Bro. Malcolm's photo. Woo! Nice way to represented the Nation. Swag! He doesn't have somebody on there with guns trying to bang. Dat shit stupid, and he cooling with Track 06- " Cake".

Also I must state, I really appreciate everything and everybody that's doing they part to help. I have been working hard to make some big moves, and it takes time. What alot of folk don't realize is nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, and sometimes it's best to just relax and do what it do. You will feel me when you hear Track 02- "Paradise" prod. D.L.B.

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