Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rex's "Blessed" review

S/O to Rex for putting me on to his swag. This mixtape was a pure joy to listen from beginning to end. When I first listened I realized how analytically cerebral this sounded. He really brings you into his realm to explain how everyday we all struggle with the devil and demons of daily life.  You gotta stay true to the higher power and be blessed in this world to keep going like on Track 11- "Elements Of Duality".

First off, I must point out how awesome these beats are. They are somewhat trance enduing plus everything sounds professionally recorded and mastered. I mean really, there is no turnt up crazed sounding auto-tunes throughout the entire piece. There is few credit given in the track titles, so I will assume he makes his own beats. Nothing wrong with that, and I put originality over all. That one beat on Track 06- "Heard Nuthin" really had me swaggin.

Also, I like how the title is tied into the lyrical content. Alot of rappers will have a title that has nothing to do with mixtape. They just rhyming random thoughts and have no focus point. It's one thing to say you blessed, but to know you blessed, is truly a blessing. When you listen to this you will feel his message. Just swag up and you will know what I mean when you listen to Track 04- "Levitation".

I wanna thank Rex for hitting me up and asking for a review. It took a few days because I be busy and working on other projects. I read the comments and one mentioned he from Chicago. SWAG SWAG!!! HMU again and we can swag. I also see he has two other mixtapes and I will be on the lookout for future works. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Young Trizzle's "Versification 2" review

SWAG SWAG!!!  Here steps in another swagger that knows how to use dem words and swag dem verbs. If your a fan of skillful adept punch lines, they your due to love these rhymes. This is a professionally crafted work, with 25 tracks of pure grind. You gonna love da swag as soon as you play Track 07- "Revenge Of A Dreamer".

Very soon after I started playing this I could understand why this is titled "Versification", because I can verify that he is legit. This guy Trizzel has talent that is on Wheezy levels. Really, he sounds alot like Lil Wayne, back when he was swaggin with the Hot Boyz. Nothing wrong with that. I was constantly amazed with every punchline and rhyme. That is not easy and can be a headache if you not swaggin. You will appreciate his skillz after you listen to Track 11- "Versification" 

Now when it comes to the number of tracks, I was kind of annoyed. There is no reason for there to be 25 tracks. Mixtapes are promotional pieces and nobody is getting paid. I did skip some tracks, especially the ones without original beats. I know alot of producers who work really hard, and will give a good deal on some great beats. Its nice to gone head and pay for beats, because karma will swag you back and up the downloads. Producers and DJ's are great for promotion too and will have all kind of people listening and downloading.

Another reason why it's not good to have so many tracks, because most folk are not gonna bother to listen to all of them. Put out the best ones and promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!!That's the name of the game. No point in putting out great works if nobody's gonna listen. Also there is not enough credentials on the track titles, and I have no clue who the features are. Its all swag though and I will stay on the lookout for future works. 

I do this as a free service to any artist who wants their mixtapes reviewed. Literally, all you have to do is get at me on twitter and ask. Ask and you shall receive. A follow back would be nice too. I'm working on other projects, so I will get to it as soon as I'm available. Please continue to spread the word about my blog and thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Curren$y's "Saturday Night Car Tunes" review.

Swag Swag, SWAG!!! Dis was another drop from da boi dat keep it hot. Curren$y is a serous swagger swaggin up to da Rich $wag. I mean he never fails to get dem bails. All u gotta do is get it through the mail. Swag. R u swaggin mi swag? Well anyway just download dis and listen to Track 07- "Dojo" ft. Wiz Khalifa.

I really enjoy listening to these short mixtapes. It's a nice promotional piece for an artist and can be listened to in a single sitting. What's really nice about Spitta's work is he is not your traditional rapper. I'm getting older and I'm tired of listening to all that fast pace street shit. I'm listening to more classical and jazz swag, and you get that with joints like Track 04- "Night Like This" ft. Rich Boy & Tiny C Style.

On Track 06- "Music n History" Spitta says "It's a war going on in the streets every minuet, and you aint gotta walk out yo crib to step in it." Dis some real talk because life has too much bullshit presented to us. Shit can be so mind boggling and depressing, that it takes every last bit of energy simply to get out of bed. You need artist like Spitta to help keep your head clear and focused on what's important.

Lastly I gotta thank Spitta for the good show a few months ago. There was all kinds of great opening acts and Lil Durk came on stage and swagged with him. It was kinda exhausting standing and waiting for him to finally get on stage but when he did he had dat shit jumping. Cant wait for him to come back in town. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.