Sunday, November 5, 2017

Juicy J's "Highly Intoxicated" review

MAFIA!!! Ya boi Juicy J has done it again, as usual. Here is another street banger for all yall to vibe to. What else is there to expect at this time. Juicy is on a lifetime grind. He never fails and is always gonna shine. He prophesied and predicted everything on Track 03- "Show Time" ft. XXXTentacion; prod. Southside.

What really highlights this mixtape is another top level mixtape that is expected from Juicy. He is consistent with every drop, and that is the formula to never flop. Everybody should show respect where respect is due. Yo will only understand if you are true. If you need help comprehending then listen to Track 05- "That Ain't You" prod. SuicideBoys.

Another quality that puts Juicy on the top[ of the game, is his ability to always stay jumping with every track. It is very rare that anything he puts out is ever whack. You can listen to all of his pieces and each one gone have that trax. It's gon make you relaxt and listen to Track 10. "Kamasutrua" ft. Cardi B; prod. Resouce & Mike Will.

It's been a while since I wrote a review, but I have been taking a break while I get on another grind. It's all good, and I am still available to write a review for anybody who request one. If you are interested in having a review just email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.