Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Billionaire's "All Things Remembered" review

Now's the time for everybody to get pulgged up with ya boi Billionaire. Not to be confused with Chicago rapper Billionaire Black, but after listing to Billionaire you will know he is not whack. I was immediately encased with a work that was great. He is really doing it on the top level with every track, and you too will be entrapped with Track 05- "In My System".

I was originally attracted to this mixtape because of the cover. That is some real elegant work. So many artist don't realize the importance of having a strong unique album art. You can't call yourself Billionaire and post something bogus. Every track matched the profile style of his grind. He is really giving some strong truths with Track 07- "More Money Than Problems".

What most people fail to realize is that money comes in many different forms. You don't necessarily need to have a billion dollars to be a billionaire. Sure it would be best to have the billionaire dollars, but if you don't make it that way, you can obtain it through other means. It may come through a means of respect from your people's. There is nothing worst than feeling disrespected, and when you are feeling treated bad you gotta have a serious talk like in Track 01- " Conversations 3".

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Young Roddy's "Good Sense 3" review

Ya boi Rowdy Roddy dona came in and did his thang once again. He is really doing it big with every release, and he really knows how to get everything stacking. I have always been one to take in his word for reality. He is one of the strongest hustlers out here, and he will have you grinding to his work. He will have you thinking right after you hear Track 06- "Pack Monies" ft. Harp; prod. Johnny & Nate. 

It's nothing like turning on one of Roddy's new mixtape to get your mind right. It's way too many distractions out here that will have you caught up. It's best to just stay focused on making your paper, and block out all that defers you from reaching the promise land. We all out here trying to make it big, so just stay focused and growing, and he will have you knowing with Track 16- "Hood Gospel" prod. Y.S.

I really needed to listen to this today. I needed some sense slapped into me for doing way too much lately. Sometimes, you gotta realize what's really important. You gotta accept reality for what it truly is, and know when something just isn't for you. We all make mistakes, but it's alright because we all have the ability to fix them. We all can get some reparations for being wronged, and you will know what I mean with Track 07- "40 acers" prod. AJayRUSerious.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Young LeoNidas' "Farewell" review

Now's the time for everybody to chill out and vibe to ya boi Young LeoNidas. I was immediately impressed with every track. He is a real hustler out here trying to make it big. This was a wonderful piece from begging to end. After listening to this you will assured that he is a beast. You gotta expand you cerebral to really take in the fullness of his flow, and you will be assured to know with Track 03- "Winners Circle".

What I really enjoyed about this mixtape, was how everything connected. It takes alot of grind to create these marvelous rhymes. This was just another piece of evidence that anybody can make magic with a dream and a team. It takes time, but we all will eventually reach the main promise land, all you gotta do is stay working with Track 05- "Trap Phone".

I found LeoNidas on Twitter and got linked to his SoundCloud. I generally don't like to do reviews from SoundCloud, because they don't allow you to download the music for free. You have to sign up for their premium service and pay a monthly fee. That sucks, but I would understand if they was giving every artist their fair share cut, because it is their music. I have no clue if they do profit shares, but if they don't they better start it, or else everybody will do like in Track 01- "Farewell Freestyle".

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Maxx Milano's "Serve Or Starve" review

Alright now yall, the head hancho Maxx Milano done came straight in, and all he does is win. This is another one that will have you thinking, and will make you another fan that is feening. It's nice that this mixtape came out, because I had been waiting. He will have you up early going ham and ready to feast with Track 04- "Gotta Eat" prod. DJ Grim.

What's the best about Lano, is he doesn't be on these tracks spitting falseness. Anybody who is woke should be able to tell that everything is authentic. His lyrics are always on point, because it's all real talk. There are way too many rappers out here who just say anything because it sound's nice. That is foul, and more folk should work on their craft and stay grinding like in Track 02- "24/7" ft. Glazey; prod. PoloBoyShawty.

After listening to Maxx, you are gonna have some sensible messages stuck in your head. Life is too short to have to deal with folk bullshit. We all have our own shit, and it's hard enough coming to terms with yourself. It's hard in these streets, and we all have to pull our own weight. That's why it best to stick to all your day one's and make that money like in Track 07- "Hoodrich" prod. Zaytoven.

 Lastly I gotta say, it's nice to see Maxx working with premiere top notch producers. It's special when an artist can flow to any style beat. Reminds me of some Eazy-E. Some can't do that because they don't know how to switch up their style. It's as if he writes his lyrics to go to any beat. That is not easy to do, but if you are able to do it, it is evident that you hustle for that achievement. You gotta be a beast everyday and listen to what he say in Track 06- "Kimbo" prod. Kvng Sean.

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