Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Billionaire's "All Things Remembered" review

Now's the time for everybody to get pulgged up with ya boi Billionaire. Not to be confused with Chicago rapper Billionaire Black, but after listing to Billionaire you will know he is not whack. I was immediately encased with a work that was great. He is really doing it on the top level with every track, and you too will be entrapped with Track 05- "In My System".

I was originally attracted to this mixtape because of the cover. That is some real elegant work. So many artist don't realize the importance of having a strong unique album art. You can't call yourself Billionaire and post something bogus. Every track matched the profile style of his grind. He is really giving some strong truths with Track 07- "More Money Than Problems".

What most people fail to realize is that money comes in many different forms. You don't necessarily need to have a billion dollars to be a billionaire. Sure it would be best to have the billionaire dollars, but if you don't make it that way, you can obtain it through other means. It may come through a means of respect from your people's. There is nothing worst than feeling disrespected, and when you are feeling treated bad you gotta have a serious talk like in Track 01- " Conversations 3".

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