Sunday, May 15, 2016

Young Roddy's "Good Sense 3" review

Ya boi Rowdy Roddy dona came in and did his thang once again. He is really doing it big with every release, and he really knows how to get everything stacking. I have always been one to take in his word for reality. He is one of the strongest hustlers out here, and he will have you grinding to his work. He will have you thinking right after you hear Track 06- "Pack Monies" ft. Harp; prod. Johnny & Nate. 

It's nothing like turning on one of Roddy's new mixtape to get your mind right. It's way too many distractions out here that will have you caught up. It's best to just stay focused on making your paper, and block out all that defers you from reaching the promise land. We all out here trying to make it big, so just stay focused and growing, and he will have you knowing with Track 16- "Hood Gospel" prod. Y.S.

I really needed to listen to this today. I needed some sense slapped into me for doing way too much lately. Sometimes, you gotta realize what's really important. You gotta accept reality for what it truly is, and know when something just isn't for you. We all make mistakes, but it's alright because we all have the ability to fix them. We all can get some reparations for being wronged, and you will know what I mean with Track 07- "40 acers" prod. AJayRUSerious.

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