Friday, June 24, 2016

Noble In Chains' "King Of All Kings" review

Alright everybody please tune in and give all your attention to ya boi Noble In Chains. He truly knows what it means to be a king, and illustrates it with every track. This is not your regular everyday street thugging mixtape, it's actually more of an intellectually artistic R&B mixtape. He reminds me somewhat of Andre 3000, and this is a true masterpiece from the alpha to the omega. You are gonna instantly be in-tuned to his soul when you hear Track 09- "Timepiece" ft. David Leathers.

What caught my attention was the title of this mixtape. There are so many young men out here that call themselves kings, yet they have no clue what it means to live like a king. A real king treats his woman like a queen, and vise versa. There is this bogus status quo of spending all your time chasing after hoes. Reals kings are not going to waste their time pursing some pheasant thot, who doesn't know how to act proper. He gives it to you straight with Track 06- "Summer Breeze" ft. Sunny.

This mixtape was nothing short of great. This is the kind of mixtape I started this blog for. Every last track is an enjoyable snack for your mind. I wish there was more of a market for someone like this who puts out senseable logical music that helps you progress. Unfortunately all you hear on the radio is poison that is going to have you caught in in all kinds of messed up situations. Just chill out and pay attention to Track 12- "King Me".

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lil Cray's "The State Vs. CrayFlame" review

Everybody please give all your attention to ya boi Lil Cray. The name don't lie and he sure does go cray on every track. I was taken captive from the very start with this one. He is enchantingly marvelous with every track, and he has a nice Eazy E. I can already tell that the hood is gonna give him a great warm welcome. He is gonna be one to remember and you will see his worth with Track 07- "Rich Nigga Shit" ft. Doe Boy; prod. MXV.

He really puts his entire soul on this one. There was no holding back, and anybody who listens will be immediately trapped. This is one that will be remembered for a long time. I can tell when somebody has what it takes to become great, and as long as he keeps going he is not gonna get any hate. He tells all yall how to do it on your own, and you wont even need a loan with Track 11- "Myself" prod. Nikko Bunkin.

What made me write a review on this mixtape, was his greatness. Also I like his name. I listen to mixtapes all day, and it's not often I find one that gets me going like this one. I was so appreciative of him blessing my ears with this masterpiece, that I had to show some love. I am so glad that I am able to do what I can to spread the word. He is someone to be on the lookout for, and everyone will want more after the play Track 02- "Indicted".

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Marbar's "Xanland" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!!! Come and rep for ya boi Marbar. He is a beast with his sweet sound that will have vibing from begging to end.  His stupendous auto tunes will have you in a zone as you pop your zan. He linked up with DJ Amaris and they created some magic that is too tragic. This was a show stopper that will get have the ladies heart throbbing, and he will be popping with Track 02- "Still Popping".

If your a fan of Post Malone, then there is no way you will not vibe with him. He has a way with his words that will have you feeling the entire swag. I was waiting all day for this to come out, and could not wait to write this review. Usually I am not into autotunes, but this one had me taken in from begging to end. Everyone needs to download this and stay trill with Track 07- "Bad Bad".

On a serious note, I just want everybody reading this to be careful taking Xanax. I know they are real fun to take, but I have heard way too many stories of people dying on them. It's one thing to have some fun with your friends, but nobody wants anybody to die. Unless they deserve it, but we all out here doing what we have to do and we all wanna keep winning with our loved ones like in Track 06- "Whoadies" ft. Alpo.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Maxx Milano's "Medicated 2" review

Ya boi Maxx Milano has done it again, and gave yall something real to play. He comes from the soul with every last lyric, and all yall whack rappers need to sit down and pay attention. It's easy to get on a track and spit some bullshit about a lifestyle that you don't actually live. How about you try spitting about your real life, not some shit you watch on TV. He is giving the blueprint for anyone to grow and gain the clout that is needed to blow, and there is no way you will not know with Track 01- "Apprentice" prod. Memphis Trackboy.

When it comes to being consistent, Maxx is a boss. That is a fact that nobody can debate. I just love playing one of his tapes riding around. Everybody that hears are instant fans, and they always ask me who is that playing. Just imagine if he was to gain to serious mass media exposure, there would be alot of people ready to invest in his craft. The buzz would be statistically stunning, and you will be charged up after you hear Track 04- "Can't Get Enough" prod. Nard & B.

It it real important to remember that we are all out here struggling to survive. It's pretty sad too, because in this day and age most of the bullshit we go through is not necessary. Alot of the stress that we go through is directly influenced by people who purposefully make life hard for their benefit. Alot of people need to be medicated just to manage the daily grind. It's unfortunate that there are some of us who fall to the streets, and Maxx goes deep with Track 05- "Fly High".

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Famous Dex's "Heartbreak Kid" review

Da boi from the Chicago has done it again and keeps turning up for all yall to party to. At this point, your just not alive if you have not noticed his influence. Now he is making good money and shopping with the best of em. Ever since he linked up with Rich The Kid, he has been making making major moves. After hearing this you will forever be in tuned, and he is definitely going loco with Track 11- "I'm Crazy" ft. Rich The Kid & Lil Yachty. 

I didn't hesitate listing to this soon as I saw it posted. Famous Dex is Chicago's current poster child of doing what it takes to make it big. I have heard roomers that he is not messing with his day one's right now, but please understand that is only because he is trying to do better for self and raise his level. There is too much hate in this city, and he stays above all that and that is why he is where he is right now. I am so proud and predicted this and he preaches his hustle with Track 02- "Never Saw".

I also really like the title to this. Heartbreak is something that everybody goes through in there life time. Some of us can take it easier than others, but never the less it hurts the same no matter who you are. Sometimes you could have saw it coming, but there are some people out here that is so good at being deceptive. It's alright though and life is nothing but one big learning experience. Just keep it moving and learn to let shit go like in Track 03- "Whatever" ft. Lite Fortunato. 

It sucks I was unable to run into Dex before his current status. I would have really liked to meet him. It's all good though and I only wish the best for him. I also only wish the best for anybody out there hustling trying to make it big. We all have dreams, and the only way you reach em is if you are on your grind tring to make it happen. Follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87 and Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Khalil Perry's "Mirrors" review

Please come in and play da boi Khalil Perry. He is a soulful lyricist that will have you in deep thought about life. This mixtape was a pleasure to listen to. Before I found this I was in a real messed up mood, and after listening this helps to put things in proper perspective. I'm sure it will have the same effect on you because he is heuristic and strategically sound. We all can learn from this and we all will be able to succeed with Track 06- "Don't Fail Me Now".

This was a real soul searching piece for me. What caught my attention was the title. We all have our own shit that we deal with in our daily lives. Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and speak to yourself, so you can make the proper changes to grow. Maybe you gotta separate yourself from certain people because they are a weight on your spirit. Maybe you have to look around and see things from other people's perspective, and then accept what they have to say even though you don't initially agree. Maybe your like me, and find it hard to keep secrets, so I learned from Track 03- "Run Yo Mouth".

If I was to give Khalil a suggestion, I would say slow down just a lil bit with the rhymes. While listening, there where moments that I had to replay, because he was rapping too fast. Not many people have a trained ear to hear fast rappers, and it looses their attention span quick. It's all good though because this was only 6 tracks, and that allowed me to make sure I understood all the intuitive things he had to say. He really slapped me with some sense with Track 05- "Assumptions" ft. Joule$.

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote a review. I apologize to my readers, but I have been surrounded with all kind of distractions. It's alright and I will be hustling hard to keep everyone informed with all the music I find. There are so many talented artist out here, and I wish I could review all of them, but I am only one man. I appreciate all the help I can get. Follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87 and Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.