Monday, June 20, 2016

Marbar's "Xanland" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!!! Come and rep for ya boi Marbar. He is a beast with his sweet sound that will have vibing from begging to end.  His stupendous auto tunes will have you in a zone as you pop your zan. He linked up with DJ Amaris and they created some magic that is too tragic. This was a show stopper that will get have the ladies heart throbbing, and he will be popping with Track 02- "Still Popping".

If your a fan of Post Malone, then there is no way you will not vibe with him. He has a way with his words that will have you feeling the entire swag. I was waiting all day for this to come out, and could not wait to write this review. Usually I am not into autotunes, but this one had me taken in from begging to end. Everyone needs to download this and stay trill with Track 07- "Bad Bad".

On a serious note, I just want everybody reading this to be careful taking Xanax. I know they are real fun to take, but I have heard way too many stories of people dying on them. It's one thing to have some fun with your friends, but nobody wants anybody to die. Unless they deserve it, but we all out here doing what we have to do and we all wanna keep winning with our loved ones like in Track 06- "Whoadies" ft. Alpo.

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