Thursday, October 10, 2013

Griff G. & Melody Starr's "Till Death Do Us Part" review

Aright now something that stands for what is RIGHT and POSITIVE in the world. When I first started listening I had no clue they was a married couple but my dumbass not paying attention to the title should have known. I LOVE couples especially married ones who work together because it symbolizes UNITY which is not what the mainstream wants. All they want is rappers talking about getting money and fucking bitches and wasting all that hard earned money in the strip club. A married couple represents KEEPING ur money and using it to provide for your family. They are role models that we all can strive to replicate. Track 7- "Flawless" ft Pistol Pete is what everyone should strive to be.

With all that said this is a review for the overall quality and rap content of the mixtape. I don't want them to be offended but Griff G has 5 mixtapes on Datpiff and NONE of them has reached 100 listens let alone 100 downloads. There is reasons why you have failed at getting high numbers YOU NOT PROMOTING YOUR STUFF!!! I have DM them on twitter and they have regular jobs but there is two of yall. Yall can tag team and get DOUBLE the promoting done if you really set your mind to it. Don't make excuses MAKE SOLUTION!!! Y'all obviously have the will now you have to put in the work to forge the way. GET SWAGGIN!!!

On some rap shit it is below average. Numbers never lie & I hate to say that because they donated but I must remain 100% Honest. One reason it took me so long to finish is because when I would listen to the lyric I would lose concentration and become disinterested and find something else to do. They not rapping about anything. Its like yall just got some paper and wrote random rhymes down. Anybody can do that but what separates the good rappers form the whack ones are the ones who can keep ADD people like me focused on their words. My suggestion, rap about being married and the struggles yall go through on a daily biases not to kill each other.

Now I must say that the BEAT ARE PREMIER!!! I don't know if they produce their own stuff but if they do then they could just focus on that and make alot of money. My guess is they bought these beats from someone. Nothing wrong with that its just if u do that your lyrics better be on point and they was not. On Track 10- "On The Brink" Melody Starr says in the hook "I'm on the brink of killin mutha fuckas" COME ON NOW PLEASE BE REAL!!! Stay in your lane and rap about what u know instead of whats popular.
Also if she is gonna sing on the tracks then PLEASE PRACTICE YOUR VOCALS!!! On Track 4-"Freaks Only" that shit nothing but God Awful but the next Track 5- "Don't Let Em" she did sound much better. Just give more effort and y'all will be alright.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also they donated $1 to my Paypal so anybody that reads this I also ask that you do the same because Ize Bez a BROKE NIGG!!! One single dollar is not too much to ask for because you know that you enjoyed reading this and all the other ones so please show your appreciation by donation. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.