Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dej Loaf's- "All Jokes Aside" review

Dej Loaf has stepped in and took over with this one. She is harmonically melodic with all of her tracks, and will have you interlaced with every hum. She is amazing, and there is no doubting why she has seen so much success lately. This is what you expect to hear from a top notch female artist. If you are not synced up with her style then you are sure to be when you hear Track 08- "Make Money" prod. KLVN. 

If you haven't heard of Dej Loaf, then you simply are not alive. She is all over the magazine covers and in heavy rotation on the radio, She has that sound that instantly captures you, because it's so smooth and serene. I knew that she was gonna blow up from the first time I heard her. She is going to stay winning with Track 06- "I'm Gon Win" prod. Sonny Digital. 

I do know she has some affiliation with Lil Durk. I'm not 100%, but I'm sure they are couple or something. Whatever it is they need to stick together because power couples always thrive. There needs to be more in the hip hop community, because Jay Z and Beyonce are the only other ones who have survived the test of time. You gotta be willing to go all in till the end like in Track 10- "Die For It" prod. iRocksays. 

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