Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poi$on Toni's "Eboni EP" review

Poi$on Toni is really making strives with this mixtape. I was instantly entangled from the very beginning. She had me glued from the start. She knows how to give it steady, so you better stay ready. I really like her majuscule  uniformity, as it is matched up with her lyrical delivery. She really know's how to put you in the proper mindset with Track 02- "Feel Good" prod. Wonya.

What I really like about this sista, is she is not all wild and crazy. She is really relaxed with her verses, and it really allows you appreciate every rhyme. You can really tell she spent some time to get it sounding this good. Also she has some real nice messages. Every track gives you a piece of reality from her perspective. She is intued to the swag and you will sit back with Track 03- "Ur My" prod. Dream Koala. 

I am real proud to be able to write about Poi$on Toni. She is an example that there are plenty of females out here making masterpieces. This entire piece was a pure treat. I just had to write a review for her because this work had me satisfied. You will fell the same as me after you tear,  so download it and please don't fear when you hear Track 05- "Karma" prod 5th DMNSN.

She teamed up with DJ 837, and he did her right with this. It's important for her to team up with premiere DJ's because she is kind of monotonic on a few tracks. Sounds like she smoke just a lil too much before recording a few tracks. It's all good tho because she is on time with every chord. Also, she showed her true self with everything, and you will be agreeing with Track 08- "Too Much" prod. Wonya. 

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