Wednesday, November 12, 2014

M.A.x.'s "Coming Of Age" review

CHI-TOWN REPRESENT!!! Here goes a piece of work that is Smooth & Serene Swag. Swag!  It's nice to listen to a new artist who has everything mastered and polished. She really put alot into this work and it clearly shows. M.A.x. put everything on a track that is sure to make you come back like on Track 04- "Miss Me (Im With It)".

In all seriousness, this was a great work. None of that street talk or follery that currently consumes hip-hop. This is all sensible rhymes due to put you into a deep thought about what is real. This is something that you could feel comfortable playing with your grandmother in the car. She really swagged and you will hear it on Track 02- "2:50am".

I would like to know who produced the beats, unless she does her own. This is a work that sounds like it was recorded by the best of engineers. I love that because I get artist that request reviews, and it sounds like they recorded everything on a smart phone. I just ignore those request because I respect artist who take there craft serious and are willing to grind, showcased in Track 06- "Struggle With Me".

I do have to say I noticed when I downloaded the zip file that the songs where not properly filed. Minimal issue, but may I suggest that this be uploaded on one of the major mixtape sites like Live Mixtapes or Datpiff. She calls this an EP, but really its a mixtape really because it available for free. I personally don't feel comfortable downloading zip files from any small sites, but it's all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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