Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bobby Capri "Lemonade Mixtape- No Sugar Added" review

Here goes a mixtape from a pure professional top notch lyricist. Bobbi Capri comes out with some smart inventive rhymes and awesome premiere beats. He always swag on a track. I remember listening to his other mixtape "Instant Gratification" and writing a review. You can go to my archive to find it. Bobbi is not new to the game and he been doing his thing for a minuet, and you will hear it on Track 09- "Been Trill".

He gave you a bunch of more tracks on this mixtape than the previous. Honestly, I first heard this mixtape when it came out, but I don't do as many review as before. I knew to keep him in my library, because there is no way I would not show my appreciation. This was a great work that took alot of skill and craft. You will receive all his messages clear and free on Track 07- "80 Thoughts".

If you a pure hip hop fan, you will be enthralled with his harmonic vocals and proper word delivery. I listened to this with my peoples and they agree. This is an artist that everybody should be on the lookout for. You better believe that only good things grow from a sure certificated piece. All you gotta do is stay on your job like in Track 02- "Grindin' #Premix". Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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