Thursday, November 13, 2014

Message to ALL beatmakers.

This morning I had an unusual request. A producer emailed me and asked if I could write a review on his beats from his website. Make no doubt about it I have no problem listening, and his beats sounded nice. Only issue is I listen to hundreds of different producer's beats, and his did not stand out to me as special. I'm not gonna name him because I'm not trying to trash anybody, but there are many issues that I see all low-level producers doing.

First off, why are all these no name producers trying to sell beats at premium prices? I understand that selling beats is your craft, but most of yall have no identity. There is no way I would spend $500 on a beat from somebody I have never heard of. Your main focus should be to up your status and brand. Don't spend all day tweeting trying to get somebodies attention, praying somebody purchases anything. How's about you spend that time tweeting, working on beats and creating a sound that couldn't be copied or stolen.

Another issue, when I visit these websites I don't fully understand how the purchasing process works. I can lease or buy a beat. That makes no sense. These are beats, not cars. If I pay my hard earned money for a beat, I don't want anybody to be able to profit from that beat without my expressed written consent. Stop it with all the gimmicks and keep it simple. I give you my money and you give me a beat.

I listen to alot of mixtapes. It's gotten to a point for me, where the beat itself is not that special. To me, all beats sound the same. That doesn't ring true for all, but I was in the car with my mother listening to these beats and we share the same opinion. What makes a beat special is the overall work. It's getting to a point where anybody can make there own beats. The technology is easily available and reasonable affordable to the average person.

This is not directed towards any specific producer, it's just I give my perspective. I'm a blogger and me being honest is critical to my product. Hundreds of producers follow me, and as soon as I listen to there beats I know why I've never heard of them. If I wasn't 100% truthful with my readers, then my word is useless. I just wish producers were more creative and realize that if your not unique, then your nothing. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

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