Sunday, February 2, 2014

Papoose's "Hoodie Season 2" review

Is New York swaggin in da building? Hell yeah because Papoose is a swagger dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!! A master lyricist in the prime of his career that for sure carries the New York swag proudly & keeps it real hip-hop. Not that shit on the radio he really swags on Track 13 "Hip Hop".

Instantly I noticed how Papoose was able to sound somewhat similar to Jay Z. He is different than Hova but really show proper respect to the rap god by adapting his swag. Really Papoose is such a great lyricist that sometimes its difficult to keep up with what he says because he raps at a fast pace. I had to slow down my media player sometimes just to keep up. All rappers from New York are great at dem bars & Papoose is nothing less than amazing. 

Another thing I noticed is the style of beats that DJ Kay Slay presented to Papoose. The majority of them was remakes of former greats that was swagged up. Nothing wrong with this style because many top notch artist used classics from previous generations to pay respects to the past. One that specifically comes to mind is Kanye West when he used to produce for The Roc & provided many artist with top notch quality bets to swag to. Papoose knows how to be a real rapper & stays true to the original hip-hop roots that make it famous in the first place. Now the rap game is all fucked up & the very few that is making major dollars is fighting hard to stay swaggin. 

Unfortunately I have to say I did not know much about Papoose before I listened to this mixtape. I mean I have heard some of his features on other artist tracks like Cassidy & Vado but I never heard any of his works. I went to Wikipedia & researched him & I see he only has one studio album release. I was under the premise that he was signed but he was released by Jive & now is independent. I also had no clue how many mixtapes he had before he was released & I'm ashamed to admit that because I always saw his name pop up but never had the nerve to listen. I will be on the lookout in the future at well as listen to his previous pieces. 

I understand that Papoose prefers to rhyme at such a fast pace but he goes on slower smoother paced beats. When u do that its hard to stay in tuned with the lyrics because you be swaggin to the beat. I freestyle on my YOUTUBE.COM/FWILLIS911 & I was just watching some of my previous videos & realized I sound much better when I go slow swag on slow beats & fast swag on quick pitch beats. I believe Papoose sounded the best on Track 19-"(Bonus) Where I Come From" because it has a nice Techno/House vibe to it & he has no issue keeping pace to the rapid swag. 

Papoose signed a 1.5 Million dollar deal with Jive & he is swaggin dem $tacks. I pray he was wise w/ the money because that is all anyone really needs to stay swaggin. I wish I could see that amount of money one day & I work hard to try and make it happen on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Until then I have to ask my readers to help support me by clicking on my Paypal link & contributing. Anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you for swag visiting Great Frank's Place. 




  1. Papoose a god and why the fuck you say swag so much? Weird ass review, wise up and go back and listen to all his previous mixtapes too,

  2. Papoose does not remotely sound like J. Pap is a street god. How can u review a rapper like him and dont know his career works. Swag and papoose should not be in tbe same sentence. This is what you call a body a niggga rapper.

  3. You need to listen to menace to society part 2 and a threat and a promise and sharades. Those are such classic mixtapes. He has a ron of material. People hate for no reason. This guy is a legend. Who cares who has plaques and trophies. Pap thinks of so many things and material I promise he will rap until he's 70 lol. He has so many different topics to rap about and all of it is influential. Pap is the best and my fave. Good interview, if you think this is something listen to the mix tapes he had in the past. I still listen to them. Peace