Thursday, January 30, 2014

Young Thug's "Thuga Thuga" review

Now this is what Im swaggin. Another great tag along of the QC crew as well as repping YSL,  Young Thug sure knows how to put in the work to make dems hoes twerk. Shake Swag. He really establishes himself on a serious status in the rap game with his numerous amounts of high quality features including Rich Homie Quan, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, & Meek Mill but one that really sets the mood is Migos track feat. Young Thug Track 6- "YRN".

What I really like about this mixtape is how he kicked it off with Track 1- "Chasin'" ft. Rich Homie Quan & Gucci Main. I was not expecting for there to be this many features & it was a nice surprise because Young Thug is a good sport but he has a high pitched whiny like voice & he doesn't rhyme that much & its not that appealing but he is original & I appreciate it. There is a nice amount of people who don't like this unique way of swaggin but I'm swaggin it. He is more of a story teller & knows how to swag.

I do have to say, I did have a minor issue with the way the tracks was ordered. In the first half of the mixtape, there was alot of tracks I originally heard on PeeWay LongWay's "Lobby Runners" & I listened to that plenty times before so I simply skipped them. Once u get to the second half its alot of new original tracks featuring Gucci Mane & I love Gucci. He is the reason I strive to have a hard work ethic because he is the ultimate grinder & changed the game with his ability to flood the market w/ mixtpaes. If u put it out there they will listen & I follow his path on da swag.

Although, I do understand why artist put previously released tracks on a mixtape for promotional purposes, but at the same time I believe it lowers the quality of the work. Some of the best artist who makes a statement with their great mixtapes like Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, & Lil B all strive to put original works on their pieces & it be swaggin. I do wish artist would not do it as much, because originality is the most important quality of any artist & if u not swaggin it then u no swag nothing. swag.

Here comes the part that I gotta try & dig in yo pockets. I mean I'm not trying to rob you or anything, but I do work hard on these reviews & I do it free of charge. Now I don't always do peoples mixtape by request, because they have some nerve to ask me & not donate first. GET OUTTA HERE!!! Its my choice which artist I review & I only swag true swaggers & any true swagger knows to swag another swagger baCk when he swaggs u up swag. A small donation to my Paypal would be a swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Thank you swag for visiting Great Franks Place.



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