Friday, January 24, 2014

Tim C's "The Streets Dry" review

I mean dam. DIS SHIT COLD!!! I honestly think this one one of the top 10 mixtapes I listened to in 2013. Only reason I didn't write a review when I first listening because I didn't have a job & most of my efforts was directed towards that & I needed money but now I got a check & Im finna sexd. This is why I could not forget Tim C because he put out a masterpiece with the services of DJ Holiday. He really swag swag on Track 7- "Same Clothes" ft Lil G prod. by YC Beats because I be swaggin da same Girbaud jeans because I like da colors on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I originally heard this mixtape when Tim C first got released. swag. Just go to the bottom link & look at the comments & u will see. Proof swag. Reason I took so long to finally write the review because I did originally asked Tim C on twitter @TheStreetsDry if he could donate $1 for the review & he never swagged it. Its all swag bc I'll still swag it. Also this shit was raw as hell & I put it on my phone & have listened to it well over 50 times bc is a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Coming from the central Illinois trap of Decauter, IL I know he be swaggin bc u gotta be swaggin to cum from there because only real niggas reside or else dey die. Death Swag. What really attracted me to this instant classic how genuine Tim is with his lyrics. Its beyond evident he is not lying when he says "I serve alot of cane" on Track 03- "Kno My Name" prod. by YC Beatz because in central Illinois there is nothing to do but slang dat cane because folk finna snort dem thangs. Sniff Swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Another reason this is a premier piece of work because DJ Holiday is swaggin on it. I would LOVE to pay for his services but I'm poor. I don't wanna move cocaine because that is how u get caught in white mans trap called prison but I do write these reviews & u just read it so y not swag mi up with a swag swag donation swag. It would REALLY be a swag swag dat will forever swag sum swag. Fun Pun Cum Ton Swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Seriously if you could click on that donation link & contribute it would really be a swag swag. Thank you swag.



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