Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shy Glizzy's "Law 3: Now Or Never"

Shy Glizzy teamed up with DJ Drama and comes in with a masterpiece mixtape for all the swagged to swag to. I never listened to a Shy Glizzy mixtape before this one, but he had me enamored with his high pitched vocals and deeply thoughtful messages. He has much more to say than your regular street talk and you will hear on Track 12- "Better Day" ft. Goo Glizzy; prod. Trauma Tone.

I must point out how similar Shy sounds like Young Thug. They can be easily mistaken, because I originally thought his hit "Awesome" was Young Thug. They are two different swaggers and go hard on every track. I personally enjoy Glizzy better, simply because I dont have to search the lyrics online to understand him. Its all good because they both getting money and you can be sure of that when you hear Track 10- "Money" ft. Young Dolph; prod. Zaytoven.

I undetstand alot of people would not give an artist like Shy a chance. He is on here rapping about illegal drugs and street life. I personally have no clue what its like to be raised in the streets. What he does is bring you into the realities of real life. There are alot of people who feed thier family from illegal activies. We as a society tend to judge someone without first fully understanding thier situation. If we extended a helping hand instead of trying to lock them up then things could swag. You will feel where Young Jefe is coming from when you hear Track 09- "Handcuffs" prod. KE On The Track.

This is the second time I'm writing this review, because I accidently deleted it the first time. I am real dedicated to my craft and if any artist of any genera wants a review email me at GreatFrank87@gmail.com. Please only ask for mixtape reviews, and if you dont have one on a major site don't bother me. I only do mixtapes because they are free for my readers to download and listen. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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