Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jet Life's "Audio D" review

Here goes a swagged up mixtape from all the Jet Lifers for everybody to vibe to. This mixtape had a different feel, as opposed to your smooth tranquil sounding jazz swag. This was more of a early 90's UGK down south swag, but please believe it is top quality and will have you plugged in with joints like Track 02- "Wreckognize" ft. Curren$y.

This was released a few months ago, but I have been listening for some time now. At the time,Jet Life released so many mixtapes in a short time span. It was difficult to keep up. It's all swag because I have all of them in my library. I always show love for some fellow grinders. Everybody associated with them is masterfully talented, and you will hear on Track 08- "The Hustle" ft. Le$ & Smoke Dza.

I always try to make it to a show whenever Spitta comes into town. It would be nice if they did another Jet Life tour, and have it be exclusive to those artist affiliated. It really sucks when you go to a show and all the opening acts are a bunch of guys you have never heard of. It's like your standing around for hours, and it takes away from the overall enjoyment. I'm sure everything will swag and you will too when you hear Track 03- "Playa Stats" ft. Young Roddy. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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