Wednesday, September 4, 2013

C4 the Producer & Don Cannon's "Decoded" review.

Don Cannon and C4 blew up the joint with this one. I usually don't review these producer released mixtapes because they be too damn long and it's not supporting a specific artist. Its usually either instrumentals or a complication of a producers recent works. I did this one because it's Don Cannon and I believe other than DJ Holiday, DJ Drama, DJ Kalid, and Rick da Ruler there aren't many other DJ's that work harder than him and stay consistently on a high level. Track 18- "J's" ft Chevy Woods, had me going stupid ham.

What I really liked about this is how it features Migos and Rich the Kid. These guys are the hottest semi-underground rappers. Plus this has Gucci on it for all the people out there who say that Migos is trying to sound like Gucci. Yeah it is similar swag but Migos has his own sound and shit gets me going every time. Track 16- "Dennis Rodman" features both of them so you can decipher for yourself.

The Cannon is by far my favorite DJ because out of all the DJ's I pointed out earlier, Cannon stands out because he NEVER releases anything even kinda whack. He has a spirit of excellence and expects just that every damn time. DJ Drama and Holiday can sometimes put their name on some artist who aren't that talented and probably just paid them to have their name so they can get more downloads. With Cannon he has a way of guaranteeing greatness on anything he puts his magic touch on.

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