Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chella H's "The Realist Bitch" review

CHICAGO STAND UP FOR YA GIR!!! I listened to this mixtape about a month ago when it first came out before I started my blog and I am ashamed to have not supported by Chitown sexy sista. She got real skillz yall and please make sure you listen because when teamed up with Don Cannon, SHE COLD!!! Chicago's own Nicki she keep it raw with Track 10- "High" ft Lil Durk

Really this is one of the mixtapes that gave me the idea to do this because after I listened to hers was when I realized that there is more good music on datpiff rather than bad. She is something special with straight turned up tracks and solidly constructed lyrics. Plus she is sure to keep all the boys stiff in the pants because SHE FINE AS ALL HELL!!!

I really found nothing wrong with this mixtape other than all the tracks but like I always say if you have raw talent then that has to ability to block out the lengthiness. Also I would like to hear a freestyle because anybody can write some good rhymes to awesome beats but how good are you when gotta go on your feet. Just another measurement to rate an artist by but I CANT WAIT until I run into her one day in da Chi. Its a big ass city but not too big enough to cross path with others. Forwarding I will be flirting and trying to get in her pants. 

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this for free but we all know how expensive shit in Chiraq be so please donate $1 to my Palpay. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place. 


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