Friday, September 20, 2013

HMG Jmo's "UnderRated" review

This mixtape had its ups and defiantly had it downs. It started just alright, then became horrible in the middle, and ended super strong. It did come to a point I regretted listening and was skipping those long ass redundant interludes at the end of the tracks but it got MUCH better with Track 9- "Mary Jane". 

As I listened I was really starting to feel bad inside because I was going to have to give another artist a bad review. I hate doing it because I don't wanna cut off a possible future business partner, but I do have to be as honest as possible. I am of my word and that is all you have in life. We all should respect it more because some people don't give a fuck. 

I question why does he have those horrible long ass skit? Its a waste of time because he not saying shit. Totally takes you out the mood and the average listener would have turned it off, but I'm professional and give each track a try.I started smoking and I was so pleased at the end and I eventually started swaggin.

I believe the problem with the first bunch of tracks is he reuseses alot of old classics. This is great for promotional purpose for big artist selling albums, but not for a no name. Really it hurts because his rap style is generic and has no uniqueness. Not that is bad, it just he sounds like everybody else and that is bad if your trying to grow. Just keep grinding and you will find your sound eventually. Perfection is ONLY attained through one's grind and you gotta stay on it if you wanna shine. 

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this as a free service to give constructive criticism to any and all artist large or small. It is free but I do need some money so please donate $1 to my Paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place. 


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