Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DoeFresh "Coke, Kush, and Mixtapes"

At first, as i listened to this dude came off to me as kinda goofy but as it continued to play I could feel the realness. DoeFresh is pretty damn nice with the rhymes and this is sure to keep you excited with all the sound effects and punchlines. Thhis is some solid bangers on here that had me swaggin like Track 5- "Need No Hook" where ironically the title is the hook.

Once DoeFresh said "Married to Miley Cyrus and Mary Jane, but if they both left, I still got meth" he had me convinced that he has the lyrical talent of any body who puts in maximum effort. He mainly spits trap shit which mainly consist of using and selling drugs. To me Trapping consist of more than just selling illegal drugs. I include doctors and lawyers as trappers because a doctor is nothing but a legal crack dealer and a lawyer is nothing but a smooth talking pimp in a suit. Me I smoke weed everyday and occasionally drink and very rarely pop a molly. Other than that consider me Drug Free!

I do have to address it is pretty damn lengthy and I found myself getting bored but DJ PAIN 1 did a good job of keeping my tension span because these beats are raw as hell. Also, adding all the random sound effects and giving an intermission kept my ADD ass focused. For some reason this reminds me of a Cool Kids mixtape that was released by the LA Leakers, it has the same vibe with more of a gangsta feel.

I do have to give DoeFresh props for the shout out track at the end. What you think you  Hova or Wheezy Baby or something? Its all cool because you must show props to all the people who help you out on your path to success. Its the sign of a real nigg. I am going to hold you to your word and expect to see another mixtape in about a month or two because I really enjoyed listening.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this as a free service for any and all artist small or large.  Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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