Friday, September 13, 2013

AGoff's "The World Is Yours" review

OCEANGANG!!! AGoff splashes in with another masterpiece mixtape. That is all he is known for doing. From day one I have never heard anything garbage from him or any of the OGODs. The Oceangang Hit Man is known for his powerful demanding voice and top notch lyrical skill. Track 9- "Hit A Lick" had me swaggin hard.

Dem my niggs. I first found out about AGoff when I came across this producer Galaxy Beats who does his thing all day and night. All of them are extremely talented: Cartier God, Yung God, Lil God, Bang Bang, Milli, Mermaid Tati, Too Easy, Truly Based, and the list goes on. Soulja Boy (then known as Lil Dre) did not come into the picture until they was already established, he helped boost their already growing popularity. Most people believe that Soulja started Oceangang WRONG! Cartier God is the captain of Oceangang and started everything.

I do have to say that I don't know exactly what happened but since Soulja Boy hooked up with them, all of their growth in the hip hop community seems to be at a stand still. Nothing against Lil Dre at all. He did everything he could to help them including starting a Oceangang Clothing.  I was looking at the numbers of downloads and shocked. I was expecting AGoff and Yung God to be averaging at least 20k downloads per mixtape by now. These guy are way too good to not have a high number of established fans and doing shows nation wide. All I can say is hire better promoters. As long as what you put out is good quality music people will eat it up, but if they don't know you exist then WTF.

The best part of AGoff is he is consistent with his lyrical content. You know what to expect when you hear Hit Man La Flare. Alot of small name artist try too hard. They are all over the place and don't have a specific sound that listeners can identify, but that is not the issue with him. Its not simple but he makes it look easy the way he goes about recording. That is a sign of a legend and he will reach that status one day if he keeps going.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I don't know if you know I accept donations because I do this for free but I still need to eat. A simple dollar is all I need to succeed. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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