Monday, September 9, 2013

Legacy & KG's "Brothers In Crime" review

This is not bad at all but at the same time we all have a lil flaws. If your a fan of gangsta rap then you will enjoy these track. Me personally I think y'all sound much better when you spit positive raps rather than money and guns. Its pretty generic and  lyrics like that is not that much fun. Track 5- "I Keep Running" is what I'm talking about.

Legacy hit me up on twitter and asked me to review and I have no problem because that is what I do. I peeped that y'all had a track with Brabo Gator. I recently reviewed one of his mixtapes and I was pretty gutty because he sucks, but you guys sound much better. I mentioned that Brabo sounds better on fast paced tracks, well its the opposite with you guys because you more lyrical. Leave all that gangsta shit alone and be more artistic with your music.

The reason I don't like it when small named artist are being all gangsta is because I don't know if its true or not? You guys didn't claim what city you were from in the mixtape. I'm in Chicago and it's easy for me to see if someone is spittin real talk because all I have to do is pick up the phone and I can verify someones status in minuets. When you don't rep yo city its like how do I know if what your sayin is true? People don't gangbang in the suburbs (if you don't count the fake ones in high school trying to be like what they see on TV).

I did eventually start skipping all the tracks that had the negative hood vibe to it because I don't like hearing that. I turn on the news and hear about people getting shot every damn day and the shit get old as fuck after and while. When y'all switch up your styles and you sound great. Yeah it's still hood talk but its something that makes you feel good and that's what making good music is all about.

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