Monday, September 2, 2013

Giancarlo G's "Brainstorming" review

SMOKERS UNITE!!! Let the sounds of Giancarlo G put you in a good vibe. This was a nice listen as chilled out a lit a spliff on my mixtape review shit. With almost 6k downloads, this dude targets his listeners and really caters to all of us who know how to enjoy some of Holy Herb as you get twisted to his adjectives and verbs. Track 7- "Slick" ft Kg Stuna, my mans keep it 100.

I wouldn't be providing the best service I could without pointing a few minor imperfections that is fixable. On the end of Track 3- "Not Even High" there is a long editing pause. This would be ok if you was freestyling or you let the beat ride out but its just silence and that will lose many listeners because its something that's easily remedied. It was only on that track so its not that bad. 

Another valuable quality is I like how all your lyrics go with the theme of the song and hook. So many artist don't practice this and looses the attention of someone like me who is ADD. Also you have a nice mix of radio and original beats. Sometime your lyrics don't go with the best quality that makes you special which is your ability to vibe with those of us who meditate while the green allows us to medicate. 

 As you continue to listen it gets better with the nice featured artist like Kg Stuna. I will be looking him up because he raw. Its important for artist to put good features because some just want to hook up their friends and their friends are hot garbage and that reflect on your work. I look forward to hearing more like track 12- "To All My Haters" THAT SHIT COLD!!!

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do provide this as a free service to ANYONE what wants a lil extra coverage. If you appreciate my grind please send a $1 donation through paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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