Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Young Money Yawn's "Street Gospel" review

At first listening of course I have to point out the similarities towards 2 Chainz possibly the hottest rapper on the scene right now. Nothing wrong with striving to sound like a great but at the same time having your own sound and to me its like 2 Chianz on Soulja Boy like beats. Nice mixture. Track 4 "Waitress" goes stupid ham. 

I also don't like to call out artist often but one verse on Track 12- "Making The Man" you said you been shot 6 times. It could be true but if its not then spit something you can't back up. Rappers who don't spit real talk instantly loose credibility and nobody wants to listen to them. 

Why so many radio beats at the end? I like the instrumentals but imagine listening to 5 mixtapes a day and guess how many times I hear Versace redone. It is ok because you did rebound with two nice tracks at the end. People need to be careful with Molly because I have seen some people spazz out on that stuff and its not nice.

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