Friday, August 23, 2013

Changes to Great Franks Place

Hello, thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. I created this blog for all the smaller artist who are looking to grow their name so they possibly one day can be played on the radio like Drake and Jay Z. This takes time and grind. If you expect to grow you NEED people like me talking about you and keeping every work you put out there relevant. Without bloggers successful rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y wouldn't be shit, but by collaborating up with people and continuously making great music they are were they want to be at the top. This is a full time job for me with no guaranteed pay or benefits that's why I set up a donation link.

I do not ask for much. One Single Dollar is all I need to stay motivated and keep going. As a matter of fact if you click on the link you will see that I have it set up so I can ONLY accept $1 donations. I am not greedy or money hungry. I do this for the love of music NOT THE MONEY. Money is nothing but a piece of paper that is printed but we all need it to survive. I consider this my full time job and I work as hard as I can. I am of service to anyone and if you want your mixtape reviewed simply ask me and I will do it for FREE!

With that stated I NEED MORE READERS!!! I just started about a week ago and everything was going fine and dandy until updated their commenting system. My average page views per day has dropped tremendously. I like the new system and its not a problem. I will just have to adapt.

In my efforts toward adapting I realize nobody wants to read about no-name artist. I know it sucks but it's the truth and the truth can sting like a razor blade slicing through your soul. So from now on I will not exclusively do the small artist I will review the big names as well. I will hold them to the same standards that I hold the smaller guys. I just started and this is a work in progress, but I promise you that I try my hardest everyday so that I can grow and in return you will grow.

So please tell all your friends about this blog and feel free to give your dollar donation if you have it in your heart to spare. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

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