Friday, August 23, 2013

Mike JOEY's "The Adventures of Joey Hollywood" review

Mike JOEY is COLD!!! Really, everything he put on this was just magnificent. The Jazz vibes will make you rise on the morning surprise. Rap as flawless and unblemished defiantly deserves to be heard. Kinda sound like Chance the Rapper another Chiraq Cat. Track 13- "We Wrote A Song About It" prod. by Freddie Joachim, is stupid trippy.

Another quality I noticed about this tape was how the beats was constructed. They were more string orientated rather than your usual drums. Not that there is anything wrong with drums. Track 15- "Use Me" prod. by RayAyy, sounds to me like a reggae beat. This was a primer piece of pleasure. 

I wouldn't be doing him any favor by not pointing out that it was a bit lengthy. 25 Tracks is alot but its ok because I had some pot and this shit rocked. I noticed you put your radio beats at the end. THANK YOU!!! You know know how much I appreciate that. You have no clue how many people have did their own verson of Drake's "Versace". Its raw but its already played on the radio infinatly and putting it at the end didn't make me feel bad for skiping it. 

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also do you know that I can collect donations. "WELL IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW!!!"-Biggie Smalls. Its so simple and all I am asking for is One Single Dollar. That's all I allow people to give me. Just click on the link below the mixtape link. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place



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