Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trigg's "New York Weed & Arizona Tea" review

I'm a Chi Town Nigg and I can get down with Trigg. This Mixtape continues the great New York theme of extravagant punchlines and momentous catchy beats. This style never gets old and gets better with time and grind. Track 9- Real Rap keeps this on dat New York Shit.

I have been noticing that I never come across a bad mixtape from a NY rapper. Its like the Yankees rub off on them and you can always bet on them because they go all out and expect nothing but elite status. The whole tri state area is on a move for a future takeover so please be on the lookout.

Like I stated earlier that I'm a Chi Town cat and we generally DO NOT LIKE New York Niggs but I have not quarrel with Trigg.  Really I have no problem with anyone from NY. Ya'll have a cocky swag and some of the best rap, traps, and snacks. Those punchlines stay on point. So I only see a very bright future for anyone who is able to shine out the big apple.

You can download this at the link provided below:

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