Saturday, August 17, 2013

P-Nasty's Attack On The Industry Review

I just finished listening to P-Nasty's "Attack on the Industry Volume 2" and really enjoyed it. What attracted me to this mixtape was the title and that it was volume 2. Most artist get discouraged because their first tape doesn't reach the numbers they wanted or nobody cares about their music but P-Nasty chose to take the preserving route and make a second one. 

What I really enjoyed about this was how his songs motivated me. I have been unemployed for a while and researching how to earn some extra income over thee internet and I came across blogging. This blog thing has been on my mind for some time but I have always been on the edge about actually doing it and I just choose to go for it. As I set up my blog I was listening to this and the message I got was just keep going and make it happen. 

But enough about me this is for P-Nasty and his mixtape. This is a definite download for your music collection because I'm pretty sure that he will make it big one day and you want to be able to say that you hoped on board at the beginning. So when you get a chance follow the link I have provided and give him a try.

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