Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brunn-P "Fresh Prince Muzik" review

Is Brunn-P the next Bun B? Maybe. He has a grind out this world with the rap styles of Soulja Boy's SODMG. I know he hustler because he got at me and asked for a review kindly. This Alabama rapper has a goal to reach and he will with pieces like Track 21- "Hustlers Dreams"

I like how the mixtape starts with the sound clips from Will Smith's hit show. Its just there is only a couple of skits. I would have like to heard more. At the end you somewhat veer away from the Fresh Prince theme

Before I listened to this I saw that he had another mixtape that had over 25,000 downloads. For a first mixtape that is beyond paramount because most artist struggle to get 100. Only someone who is dedicated to their craft knows how to get numbers like that. Then I saw that he had SOLD 12,000 copys of his first mixtape. That's what you call grinding.

I hope I didn't offended by saying you sound like Soulja Boy because he is the ultimate grinder. Soulja Boy is a self made millionaire. Soulja Boy paved the way for all artist who had dreams of getting big because he provided the blueprint on how to do it on your own. With his repetitive hooks and grasping autotunes he took over and Brunn-P will be on his level someday.

You can download this mixtape at the link provided below also feel free to donate at the link on the top.

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