Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Underachievers' "The Lords Of The Flatbush" review

A nice mixtape consisting of Ak and Issa Dash. My first time listening so I didn't have any high exceptions until I saw that their last mixtape released earlier this year had over 175k downloads. It appears to me that their message is simple, smoke good and live good. Track 3- "Cold Case" goes ham. 

With only 8 tracks some would say they lived up to their group name but I prefer shorter mixtapes. Makes my job easier. It makes much more sense to have shorter tapes and more releases that way your name brand grows. I never heard of them but I can tell why they have so many fans because they go hard. Numbers don't lie. 

I'm a Chiraq cat but I must admit that right now what's hot is New York rap. Ever since I have started my blog I have been exposed to alot of new artist that have a strong fanbase but they don't play them on the radio here in Chicago so I had no clue they existed. This group is due to do big things because they have the skill set and great turned up beats to match. I will be on the lookout for more. 

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