Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hell Rell's "The Meyer Lansky Project"

I was really hoping to give this mixtape a good review because I was the biggest Dipset fan back in the day. Unfortunately I am going to have to agree with all the comments that this is pretty bad. I remember Hell Rell being much more lyrical than this with some of the best punchlines. Now he is just another rapper who's time has passed just like the rest of the Diplomats. Track 7- "Never Been Like That" ft Lambo, the hook sound just like Young Dro's "Nope" ft T.I. off the "Day Two" mixtape.

Didn't he serve time in prison for drug charges? Why is he on here talking about moving bricks? He is much older now and I tell artist all the time to only spit real talk. When you only spit real talk it does many things to validate your rhymes. When you don't, you appear fake and you might as well be speaking Japanese because it makes no sense.

Also what is up with the title of this? I had no clue who Meyer Lansky was so I googled him and found out he is a Russian born Jewish mobster who had and exquisite gambling operation stretching from New York to Miami. Why do so many artist have these nice titles but the theme of the mixtape has nothing at all to do with title? Why not call it "Dookie Land" because that is where your ears are going when you listen to this.

I know I sound mean but i expected MUCH better than this from Hell Rell and everyone is saying that this is just disappointing because that is the perfect description of this mixtape.

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