Thursday, August 22, 2013

Steven King's "Laugh At My Pain" review

Steven King do them things. Great lyricist with a unique beats to carry his punchline to perfection. With exerts from the comedy stand up Kevin Hart's "Laugh At My Pain" this is sure to keep you entertained with an extensive number of tracks with lengthy track times you will be just fine. Track 3- "League Of My Own" really hits home.

I can definitely tell he is from the New York area with your multiple punchlines and you Harlemish/Bronxish accent. I could be wrong but this is very well written. Plus I enjoy how you have the Kevin Hart interludes. Only issue I have is that on some of the tracks I turned up and at the end of the track there was the Kevin Hart part and it was extremely distorted because that was a live recorded event. 

Plus I found it unnecessary for you to have so many tracks Don't get me wrong they all was cold, but what generally happens when you have a 20+ tracks is you kinda get disinterested. Think of it like being at a restaurant and it takes the waiter too long to get you the bill. You still enjoyed the piece but at the same time you ready to go. If you have that many tracks its best if you keep the run time short. You do want people to hear your entire mixtape so keep it short and you will be great. Just my opinion. 

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